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Quick Review: CRKT Steve Ryan

Aug 22, 1999
So I'm sitting at home and trying to e-mail my hook-up (my knife hook-up that is), and he calls me on the phone. He says that he just got back from SHOT and that he managed to snag the knife I had been bugging him about since before the CRKT Customs bust. So I meet him today at "the place", and get my fix... my Steve Ryan fix.


Blade: Overall length: 3.50” (8.9 cm)
Cutting edge: 3.38” (8.6 cm)
Thickness: 0.12” (0.30 cm)
Steel: AUS 6M, 55-57 HRC
Handle: Closed length: 4.50” (11.4 cm)
Weight: 5.7 oz. (162 g)


This is one heck of a knife. It's big and hefty like the large Kasper, but I find that the handle profile fits my hand better, not to mention that it comes to point in the saber grip very well. The notches in the handle allow for good grip purchase, and the handle fits well whether you have small or large hands (I think this model will only come in one size). It does come with the new LAWKS, so don't worry liner-lock doubters, and the thumb disc is ambitextrous for you lefties. The price ain't bad either ($60 retail).


The notches in the handle, although good for grip can get snaged on clothing during the draw. The style of the clip also doesn't allow for deep pocket carry (it's no Spyderco Khalsa, but it's also no Al Mar Sere 2000- rides a tad high for me). The new thumb disc (and it's a big disc) takes a bit of getting used to, but I hear that they may be checkering the middle of the disc and not just the edges.


It's a great knife and, despite a couple of drawbacks, has found a guy to carry it daily. I mean the drawbacks aren't really drawbacks if you look at what it is all designed for.

As for my hook-up, thanks goes to Mike Payne of Knives and Things. Give him a call at 901-340-1973 when these babies go into full production. I know y'all are jealous; don't front.

Excellent Review Trav...the hook-up was smooth baby..no one followed you did they?..You made the drop...I provided the stash...Then we had company.I thought you were "had" by your parental unit and syblings that showed up out of no-where... You were then on your way from the discreet location of Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop at an unknown disclosed part of TN..I had the strong stuff..you had the frozen chiller.....you were off to School(College that is) We talked Blade. We got stared at.......We meet next month perhaps, Make sure no one follows you again

Knives & Things
Mike Payne
Gotta agree with you. I stood in the CRKT booth the whole show and handled it alot. My kind of knife.
I think I just missed you at the booth Kit. I saw you and was headed towards you but stopped to talk to Pat Crawford for a sec and turned around and you had stepped away

Knives & Things
Mike Payne