quick stain resistance test?

Oct 6, 1998
What materials commonly available in one's household could one use to quickly test the stain resistance of a blade?
Lemons or lemon juice
Raw meat

"lettuce"know what you end up using and how it comes out.

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Blood is a good medium for testing stain resistance; you notice Mad Dog sends out the blades for plating AFTER he has ground them.

The Samauri rinsed the blood off their swords immediately, even so, many are stained. Walt Welch
Try Catsup or Ketchup if your from the south. It has many properties that really test a blade.

Also scratch the blade surface and submerge it in salt water. This is a great long term test.

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What's the least amount of time you would suggest for the test? I just tried lemon juice from concentrate for 10 minutes-->no effect.

Try mayonaisse... The sulfur from the eggs, the lemon juice and vinegar, all in one convenient package...

Also some tests wont work if the item being tested has too much of your test medium on it, some things actually keep the air off the blade and dont allow it to oxidize if it is going to.

I would sugest just wiping the substances on the blade versus submerging or glopping (technical term) it on..

Alan Folts