R.J. Martin Kwaiken

Thanks to Les Robertson, I just received a 7" Kwaiken.

The blade is made of A-2 steel with a satin finish. Overall the knife is heavy and quite solid. It has a right handed chisel grind and has to be the sharpest knife I have ever handled. The design I believe is Japanese tanto with an "armor piercing point."

The handle, has black resin soaked silk wrap over green ray skin (Same) with a bronze menuki in the shape of a bat. The grip is very secure and a cord guard prevents the hand from slipping on thrusts. The silk wrap is quite rough and the grooves where the wrap is wound allows the flesh of the hand to sink right in.

If the knife wasn't great enough, the sheath is awesome. It is lined with mahoganey to prevent chipping the blade, and to prevent rusting (it absorbs WD-40). The outside of the sheath is carbon fiber and has magnets impregnated inside which holds the blade quite firmly. The draw is completely silent as well. The sheath has a sturdy clip decorated with cord wrap. The seam where the sheath meets the handle is cut to fit the cord guard of the knife exactly to prevent glare at that seam.

The knife is finished very well. Although function follows beauty, the knife is an incredible piece. Definitely a beautiful knife that can be used hard.

Jason Yang
Apr 18, 1999
I covet your Kwaiken. I've visited Mr. Martin's web site and his work looks beautiful.

Thanks Cougar. Do not worry, I was never ever going to use WD-40 on it. I always use Marine tuff cloth. In fact Martin does too so I wonder why it says WD-40 on his website.

Jason Yang
BreakFree is another good product for
guns or knives. Almost anything is
better than WD-40

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.
Guys: Thanks for the kind words. I use Tuf Glide from Sentry Solutions inside the sheath. When I did the website, this was a new product and not widely available, and, WD-40 is widely recognized. And, WD-40 is still better than nothing!! Your best bet is the Tuf Glide.

RJ Martin