RAKER Lil Blue 2 by Fred Perrin

Oct 16, 1998
Raker’s LIL BLUE 2 in 52100.

OK this is not a "description review" just a "feeling" subjective review.

Last December, before the End of the World also known as Y2K, after the Big Fear of losing all what modern civilization as provide to the Earthlings, we have been traumatized by a gift from Raker, Maker and Quaker ?
No! Raker, maker and teacher .
Elliot Petillon, (famous American Grinner ;-) ) have been at the root of that knife design.
(Lil Blue…comes from the blues… BERTHA!)

The Lil Blue 2 (because there is a 1 in ATS34) is a small neck knife designed as a duty knife by Raker who is also a teacher when is not a knifemaker.

The shape, the weight, everything make that knife as nice for your neck as possible.
The finish is “handmade” and not “factorymade” giving a big charm to that little knife. ("Beautility" also !)
You feel it immediately personnal.

The skeleton handle give the possibility to to put some paracord to change the handle.
Customizations are welcomed. And this is an excellent knife for customizer and knife tuners.

The LIL Blue is that kind of knife you WILL USE A LOT.
The Grind is just perfectly made for a "polyvalent" knife. Not to thin and not to thick and with an INCREDIBLE edge retention.
Also sharpness is rated A+!! We have used it a lot in various materials. Cardboard during all a week as one of our friend is sculpting in cardboard all day and all night. Cardboard is full of sand particules (like paper) and this is a known way to dull a knife.

We have put some paracord on the handle and we have made a extension with three knots to pull on the knife for quick emergency release.
The knots can be removed when we were throwing the knife. (a lot and alo means a lot!)

The knife we got has been in many hands. Special forces and dangerous terrorists have been playing with it this last months. And these people are known to have no respect for knives they borrow (they did not pay for).
Concrete, stone, iron, titanium even a 747 Boeing wing have been cut in two with the Lil Blue 2.
We wanted to cut of a foot of the Eiffel Towel but the French government has stopped us when they heard we will be using the Lil Blue 2 for that task.
(Ok, ok we are a little exagerating…)

But seriously. Our tester are “pigs” with the knives they used...
If it doesn’t break… it will…soon.

But now we are looking to the used and abused Lil Blue 2 and unless the stain, it’s brend new.
No chips on the edge and the very sharp point is still there intact.
We could not complain to much about the Lil Blue journey in the hands of killing machines.

The very well tempered 52100 blade retains an incredible edge. Even when used in a plate to cut some steaks. The edge is so strong, no chipped or anything at all.
The 52100 is not stainless and it does stain very quick when used to cut fruits or acid food…
Anyway we don’t go swimming these days since we got oils on the beaches…(which could also protect our knives but...)

On the killing side (the nice way to dispatch sentries…) the Lil Blue 2 is a very friendly and well balanced Throwing Knife.
SSsssh STUK! You see ?

This little knife is like a lot of little knives we really enjoy to do in our workshop.
The Lil Blue 2 is made with passion. This is made by One man and One Spirit.
Beauty and fonction are both melt in it.

A neck knife which can be carried in a lot of ways.
Because, the kydex sheath is really well designed as you can resheated the knife with only one hand.
Also the elk lace provided with two brass balls is so… sweet.
The knife is immediately forgotten when hanged around your neck.

So easy to live with it and hard to live without it.
Be careful if you buy it you won’t let it go.
Also it’s a great bargain for a high quality handmade knife !!!
Raker is teaching us a lesson everytime we use his baby!

If you want to taste a little wonder with Native American Spirit inside.

The sweet Lil Blue2 is for you.

Thank you Ray.

Fred and Nemo (proud owner/user of a Lil Blue 2)

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Enjoyed the review. Ray does make a cool little knife. I bought my lil blue 2 from him several months ago, and enjoy it very much. Definately a best buy in customs.

Pic for those who are not familiar with the knife:



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Merci Nemo and Fred!!!

Excellent review.

I knew you would love the knife when I gave it to you last November, and this review was well worth waiting for.

Don't forget to send me a piece of the Eiffel Tower when you get a permission to "test" the knife on it!

I have since added some more Raker gems to my neck knife collection. They are all first rate knives. Sharp and unique.

Give my best to Fred and tell him to give me a call one of these days. You too. We miss you guys.

All the best,


Live Free or Die

Some Knife Pix
I don't think I have ever enjoyed reading another review more than this one. Great job, loved the review, oh ya I think the knife is nice too.
Don't make us blush !!! ;-D

Also the picture is simply beautiful. I like that kind of perspective!
Thank you for reposting it !


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Donna, there are 2 versions. The ats34 version, if I remember correctly is 95 dollars. The version I have is made from 52100, and it sells for 75 dollars, at least at the time I bought mine.

icq 61363141
Just some knife pictures
I'm curious about knives without handle materials of any kind. I find them so strange looking I've never bought one, and I've bought a lot of knives.
So, those of you who have, tell me about the feel of the bare steel. Tell me about the direct connection to the edge. Tell me why you picked up that first one and what you liked about it.
Richard, you are right on the price. The difference is also that the ATS34 is thicker (5/32") and has a different style handle. Both have the same blade style and grind. The 52100 is differential heat treated and for a small fee can also be fitted with handles if the customer desires.

Davis, the reason I started using the skelatal handles was so they would not print when wearing a polo type shirt. For some the need to have a very light using knife is very beneficial.

The first test of cutting I performed with the Lil Blue's was to process a 2 yr. old beef. One of each was used and they both performed very good. Both would still shave when we were done. The skelatal handle of these knives was never a handling problem. Since I prefer a knife as light as possible for the cutting job, most of my knives are small.
I didn't really mean to get started but it just started coming out. I am very happy with the performance of the ATS34 and especially the 52100.

Ray Kirk
Wow, $75.00 for that sweet little neck knife, that is a good deal.

Ray, how much more will you charge to add handles and what type of handles do you add? Also, how long is the blade?
The blade is 2.5 inches long.
Short solid and staining easily.

I really enjoy non stainles blade as the patina is so personnal.
Let's call it again : "beautility".

Thanks, I have to say that when your French and English crosses, you come out with some words that I have never heard before, yet they are great sounding adjectives. Even though your English isn't always clear your enthusiasm doesn't fail to come through.

I also noticed that you seem to be on here reviewing of late, can you maybe give us a hint of some up and coming reviews that might be in the works.

Concerning this Raker, I have to say that you have got me sold.

you also added a great review, I have gathered from your previous posts that you are very particular about the neck knives you choose and that you are quite fond of them. Your sending this to Nemo and Fred and adding several Raker's to your collection says a lot. Damn, it looks like I will be spending more money. Now I will have to add this to my collection... some how... some way... even if I have to beg, borrow and steal to get it.

first as Fred is now a Daddy I will have a little less time to see him!
But we are working on the BM710HS (M2 blade plain edge) for a late summer release...

We got other reviews of CRKT and Outdoor edge knives on the slow lane...

We wiil be focusing on little new designs ... like the Mouse knife for Spyderco.
Or custom neck knives...



I just got my Raker neck knife and to see a photo click onto Ray's site and it is the first knife featured with the red micarta handles. I didn't want the skeletized handle I wanted the feel of a grip.

The little knife has already become a part of me and it is as was described a mean little cutter. It is hair popping sharp and lil blue feels real good in the hand. The notches on the back and the drop point blade no doubt make the knife a precision cutter. Its small enough to conceal yet with just enough blade to do whatever type of cutting you might feel like.i.e. self defense or utility. Its seems to be designed to do big knife tasks in a little package.

I like the light colored leather for around
the neck, it is inconspicuous if it happens to be seen being worn under a tee shirt. The knife hides real well under a shirt, is light and is versatile enough to be concealed in a variety of methods..i.e. in the waisteband or whatever you might want to attach the knife to.

I am very pleased with my lil blue and Ray is a pleasure to deal with. I am also thrilled that my knife came to me so soon and I didn't have to wait very long for it.

Tell Fred congrats on being a new daddy! Will he be at the custom knife show in New York this year?

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thanks I will.

I don't know if Fred willl be at NY...