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Randall 2007 Price List – Wow

Sep 21, 2006
I am really glad I got in my first Randall order in this past December. I cannot wait for my Model 27 “Trailbazer” – although I must, since the expected ship date is 15-Sept-2011

I was looking into a second purchase, planning ahead for Feb-Mar of next year, and just received the 2007 Price List. Wow. I had heard that Randall raises the prices every calendar year, but I heard it was on the order of 5-7%. The Model 27 I ordered was $400 even. With the 2007 Price it would have been $455! I am glad I ordered it when I did.

Most knives went up $25-30 and some of the option prices increased as well. The biggest price jump from a quick scan is the Model 22 Outdoorsman, $340 to $400! The Model 12’s increased by $50.00. Etc..

Is this typical year to year or was this year a bigger price increase than usual :eek:? Any inside info on the reason? Happy New Year :rolleyes:!

Damn, I still NEED to order a Model 16-7” Special #1 Fighter”! :D
Only 2 more years for my #14....:yawn:

Only 2 years! I am envious! :D

To avoid a long wait on my second order I was investigating ordering through a couple of online dealers I have found, but it sounds like most have you at at least the Randall price at the time it is made, although the wait times are as little as two years. So it would be more cost effective to order through Randall directly (but the wait! :( )!

I have a RMK #16-7” Special #1 Fighter that is sitting around. E-mail me if you would like further info.

I have a RMK #16-7” Special #1 Fighter that is sitting around. E-mail me if you would like further info.

I appreciate the offer, but it would have to wait. Christmas just passed, I just picked up a Fallkniven A1, and we are planning a Vacation in May. Also, I just found a good piece of Orange G-10 and found a place that can cut it to spec for this model. I am leaning towards going this route and waiting the long wait! Thanks again, though!

If you're going to pass on GZ's #16-7, I'm gonna shoot him a PM about it, if ya don't mind too much...:)

Melvin,Your quite the gentleman:thumbup:

I second that. I am definately putting another order in directly with Randall come Feb-March time. This past December I put in an order for a Model 27 Trailmaster (coming in 2011!). At this point I am not willing to pay extra to have one right now!

I still cannot believe how much the prices jumped though. Even comparing some of the options. The Nickel Silver Butt Cap was $40 and is now $55. The Nickel Sivler Single Hilt was $10 and is $20. This $5 here, and $10 there will add up very fast when making a custom knife! I can see the benefit in ordering directly from Randall and locking down the price!