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    May 20, 1999
    Anyone know what the sharpened blade length is on this knife. Looking for a carry fixed blade and CT only allows 4” sharpened blade length. So, I can have a total blade length over 4” and I see a lot of Randalls usually have a lot of space in front of the hilt before the edge starts. If the 25-5 is over 4” of sharpened edge, what would be a good alternative? Thanks.

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    Nov 5, 2018
    The Model 26-4 Pathfinder's cutting edge in front of the choil is 3-3/4", you can order a 26-4 with a 25 stacked-type handle, here’s the page in RMK’s catalog, it’s listed in the “non-catalog models” section, https://www.randallknives.com/knives/26-4-pathfinder/

    The other RMK to consider is the #28 Woodsman, it’s cutting edge looks to be under 4” but I don’t have one to measure.

    On this 25-5 - Trapper, the cutting edge is 1/16" shy of 4-1/4", it came out of the factory in late November 2019.
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