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Randall hollow handle vs. Chris Reeves projects.

Mar 2, 2000
Hi, all. I've noticed most high-end knife makers tend to stay away from hollow handled blades, probably because of the strength. We all know that Reeves answered that problem. Recently I saw that Randall carries the same style of knife, and I was wondering if it could even hold a candle to Reeve's knives as far as performance. I would hope so, give the Randalls' price range. Any Randall fans out there who have handled this thing?

EdRozen-On the cutting edge of finding out what the cutting edge is....
Randall makes two hollow handled knives. The model 18 has a screw cap similar to the CR, while the model 17 has removable handle scales.

Both models have been widely popular since the 1960s. The model 18th was developed for Vietnam bound troops; the design was based on a sketch send to Randall by Captain George Ingraham, US medical corps - Vietnam in 1963. The Model 17 Astro was designed by and for the Mercury Astronauts (Capt. Leroy Cooper - the astronaut, and Dr. Bill Douglas - the teams doctor, originally appraoch Randall with the project).

I have not made much use of the examples in my collection. However, judging by the condition of some of the model 18s I have seen at shows, handle separation does not seem to be a major concern. The knife is more likely to break at one of the blades sawback teeth. Again, many of the knives I have seen show signs of having been extensively used, so breakage is not a big concern.

I own examples of both knives. If I were to choose between them, I would probably select the CR for most conditions, and the Randall mod 17/18 in stainless for use near saltwater and other challenging environments. By the way, the model 18 with 7 1/2" blade fits nicely into an M9 Bayonet sheath.

Have fun

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From the website, it looks like the Randall is silver soldered. If you are trying to see which one will handle more abuse, I would get the CR.

I'm not really trying to identify which one will take more abuse. What I really want to know is, When push comes to shove, does the Randall cut the mustard? Probably a lot of us have played with cheap-ass hollow handled knives before, only to have them come apart. I really just want to know if this will stand up as a true survival knife. And as far as I'm concerned, survival knives should be the strongest of all knives, since it's your life on the line, and your only tool is your knife.