Randall Model 11

Dec 19, 1998
I've had this knife on order for awhile now. Stag handle 4" blade and an inlet compass, just for looks. Will the compass be way off due to the blade steel ? My main hunt trips are floats in the Brooks range, so I wanted a knife short enough to not ride on the raft tubes. I cut thru one once.....but that's another story. After several trips on many different rivers, and one freeze up, I have found my belt knife to be an essential part of my survival gear. Do any of my fellow knife knuts have this model, and if so would you tell me how you like it.....
a knifes not worth havin'....unless it's sharp
I ordered my Model 11 from Randall back in late 74 or early 75 and received it in 76 as a college graduation present from my parents.
It has a 5" SS blade w/ stag handle with finger grips, and nickel silver hilt. It is a great skinner but it's been years since I used it(too many other knives). I think you made a good choice for all around uses.
I don't have the model #11 but do have a #26-6. If your knife has stainless steel (440-B) you should have no trouble with the compass. The tang is approximately 3 inches long, leaving the compass over an inch away from the end of the tang. Also, stainless steel is less likely to compromise the compass operation than carbon steel, or iron. But I would not trust that compass as my only compass. You need a really good stand alone compass also. The other downside about having a compass on a Randall is the short tang. I've always gotten the duralumin, brass, or the recently available nickel silver butt cap because it ensured a long, firmly fixed, durable tang that would not work loose as long as the tang nut was intact. But you should really like the blade shape of the #11 for skinning, etc.