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Randall Model 12 11" Smithsonian Bowie

Mar 23, 2000
Has there been any writeups on the Randall Model 12 11" Smithsonian?
There have been many articles on this knife. The design was loosely based on the knife used by Alan Ladd in the movie THE IRON MISTRESS. When the movie came out Randall started getting many requests for a large bowie knife like the one used in the movie, and the model 12 Smithsonian was his response.

Ps. unfortunately, the movie is not available on video (or DVD)

BTW welcome to the site. You may want to use the search feature to find further comments on this knife.
I have one on order. Delivery should be around January 2001. Can't tell you how many times I have opened up the catalog and looked at it. I ordered it with a Black Micarta handle concave shaped. Brass scalloped collar and Butt Cap and Nickel Silver Name plate with my initials on it.

I have been looking for some of the articals. I wrote the Smithsonian for pictures and information regarding the one on display hopfully they have something.

I taped the movie of of network sometime ago and am considering making the desplay box showen in the begining.

Thanks for the welcome and the reply I will check out the search feature. Since I'am new to this form I'am still learning how to navigate it's quite large.

Thanks for the photos of your dream collection I like your tast as well. I wish you all the luck in filling your collection.

There is no man worth a leke,
Be he sturdy, be he meke,
But he bear a basilard.


English satirical song from anonymous writer in the period of Henry V.

Daggers & Fighting knives of the western world by Harold Peterson Page 19.

The smithsonian is one big MUTHA of a bowie. I think it's 3/8 inch thick at the spine. I'm sure it can take a lifetime of hard use.
That is my idea of what a bowie is in my mind.