Rare Khukuri (kukri), Esee 3 or 4 Purple kryptoglow scales

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Oct 26, 2010
I have a rare British Military awarded khukuri. Stamped with ORDEP NEPAL 11/80. That means ordinance depot Nepal and made November 1980. This baby is almost 33 years old. Comes with the chakmak and karda blades, original sheath, stand, and plaque. This is collectors piece but it's also quality built and fully useable. This is not tourist junk. There is a tiny chip in the handle right at the end. It's in the bone part that goes just under the cap. You can see it in the last pic if you look close. It's very small and hardly noticeable. $150 shipped to CONUS. I will ship international but not for free.





Esee 3 or 4 purple glitter scales from Kryptoglow. These are non-glow. They never saw any use. Got them for my daughter and put them on but decided to go a different way for her knife. Cost me $40. I'll let them go for $25 shipped. (SOLD)
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