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Feb 25, 2016
Hello all . Continuing the purge of some goods . All prices are PayPal goods and services with shipping included CONUS. Buyer must 18 and know your local laws . First unconditional "I'll take it" gets it, no holds . All knives were stored in a smoke and pet-free home in a climate controlled safe. Pictures are attached to a Flickr link as they were too large Please feel free to message me for more information or pictures.
https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/99Rk9W

First up is a Spyderco Paramilitary 3 Cruwear C223GPGYCW. Brand new in box . Not much to say really just got it. Great lock up no stick. Smooth action Price is $SOLD

Second is a Spyderco Goddard user . Great condition still has Factory Edge very sharp. Smooth action and solid lockup . Some minor carry wear and light stains on blade . No box . Price is $SOLD

Fourth up is a Spyderco Burch Chubby C183TIP . Brand new in box . Not much to say about this specimen it's mint from factory . Early solid lock up and smooth action. Complete with box, albeit the box has seen better days. Price is $SOLD

Fifth is Spyderco Caly 3 Damascus sprint run C113CFPD. This knife is new in box never used or carried. This is an absolutely beautiful piece that I hand-picked out of over a dozen for its particularly amazing Damascus pattern . This knife is as mint as can be and I have kept it in a padded protective case as to protect the stainless steel bolsters that are inherently hard to keep from getting scratched. Well centered blade and smooth action with a solid lock up. Flawless carbon fiber handles meet seamlessly with the bolsters. This is a scarce knife complete with original box. Stunning piece. Price is $SOLD on another site .

Next is a Spyderco Jess Horn ,Baby Horn AGSP-2W white micarta. Nunbered 054. This knife was an AG Russell exclusive and is extremely rare. This knife is brand-new complete with box and paperwork. This knife is over 20 years old and dated 1/97 on the box . And it's been kept in a climate controlled safe and a smoke and pet-free home for many years in my adult collection. You will not find this knife in any Spyderco catalog as it wasn't offered directly from Spyderco and was only released through AG Russell in extremely limited quantities. Beautiful white Micarta is in near pristine condition with only very minor yellowing around the pins, which is very common on these knives . All of the pins are polished fantastically as is the clip. Blade as well centered and action is smooth and lock up is solid. Just an amazing piece and a must for any serious Spyderco collector. I own several of these including the black version as well so I thought I would give someone a chance to own one of these. A rare piece of Spyderco history. Price is $SOLD

Next is a Spyderco C01 Gin-1 Worker . Brand new in blue box . Very early model from late 80s early 90s .Never really handled at all over the years it's a pristine piece. I only took it out with gloves on to take these photos. As you can see around the blade Tang there is no scratches as it hasn't been opened and closed very many times at all. Well centered Blade with smooth action and solid lock up. Gin-1 blade is Factory Sharp with very pointy tip. Stainless steel handles are in Immaculate condition with no scratches or scuffs . This is a real gym piece of Spyderco history ready for your collection. Price is $SOLD

Next is a Berreta Knives Avenger . This is the original Avenger not the II. These knives are long out of production and quite hard to find. This one is like new in box complete with tin . Chisel ground vg10 Blade with carbon fiber laminate. Smooth action and early solid lock up. There is a couple faint scratch marks on the Chisel ground side probably because it's it's so close to the lock side when closed being chisel ground . Clean smooth carbon fiber scales with an inserted sub lock not like the version 2 that is a pure liner lock Super cool unique piece. Price is $SOLD

Last is Guardian Tactical Helix in Jade green G10 model 35311. Knife is brand new in box never used or carried, not even broken in yet. Super smooth flipping action on bearings . Solid early lock up. Closely centered blade( I've owned several of these Helixes and they usually work their way centered after being broken in). Super sharp factory edge . Green G10
scales are flawless , no scratches scuffs or dings but they appear a little dry . Outstanding underrated knife . Price is $SOLD
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Feb 16, 2014
I will take the Berreta Knives Avenger per our PM. Paid in full with thanks.
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