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Apr 21, 1999
From: Ivan 5-21-99 914PM EDT I saw the write up on the new Scimitar from Cold Steel.It looks to be a awesome knife with acurved 4 inch blade and curved pommel. It is a liner lock. Has anyone bought one yet or is it too new? Ivan
I have seen and handled he Scimitar recently.

It is a very interesting design. The blade is a litle smaller than a Vaquero and the handle is very ergonomic. That being said , I feel there is a MAJOR design problem.

When you hold the knife in a normal grip in your right hand, your thumb and forefinger are placed in the groove in which the locking mechanism is housed. It is VERY easy to grip the knife tightly (you don't have to "white knuckle" it) and disengage the lock.The lock itself does protrude slightly out from the handle which makes it even easier to push it accidentally.

I don't know if anyone else has handled this knife and noticed this or maybe it's just me, but I will definitely not buy one.

Good idea, but poor designing.
Boy Oh Boy, I have one of these knives and not only is it a great grip, but the liner lock is the strongest I've seen. On mine it is very hard to disengage. You must move the liner WAY WAY over to let the blade disengage.

Just my view ...

I have just ordered a Scimitar and should be receiving next week. I have not handled one, but have heard good things about it. This is the first I've read about a problem with the liner lock and it's position. It's posibble the knife could have had a weak lock or didn't have a good engagement surface. Or it could be how your hand fits that knife. I have a problem with the CQC-7 design. It doesn't matter if it is a handmade, Benchmade or Emerson Co knife. My finger will almost completely disengage the lock if I squeeze the knife the least bit. This is the ONLY knife I have had this problem with, so I don't have one anymore.
Like I said it might just be the way it fits my hand ,but for me the liner sits out too far from the handle and the finger groove is exactly where the lock disengages.
I really do like the design though, much better than the Vaquero of which I have several.
BTW, Dirk
I had an Emerson CQC7 and sent it back, because it didn't feel right in my hand. Hope this doesn't happen to you with the Scimitar. Good Luck.
Jailhack, that might mean we have similar hands and fingers. I don't know if I should be happy to find someone else that has a similar oddity of nature or feel sorry for you.

I hope my hand doesn't disengage the safety on the Scimitar. I really like the look of the Scimitar. Of course with that big ball pommel it would make an interesting impact weapon.
I received the Scimitar yesterday. I haven't had a chance to really play with it, but I do like it. I don't seem to have a problem with the lock disengaging, thank the Lord! It feels great in the hand. It rides well in my right pocket. The clip on it is very strong and may require adjustment for some. The ball pommel isn't as obvious as I thought it would be and it helps to draw the knife from the pocket with the strong clip. The blade is typical CS sharp. I think CS is the most consistent when it comes to providing a razor edge.

What I don't like about it. The ball pommel is hollw. I think it would be better to have a solid pommel. This isn't a major problem for me. The knife can be taken apart and I am going to put some epoxy in the hollw. The lock presents a flat tab in the forward finger groove that reduces the depth of the finger groove. I would have the lock recessed to provide a better grip and help eliminate the possibility of the lock disengaging.

That is all I have had the chance to really come up with. Unless something jumps out at me when I really start to play, I think this is a keeper. Actually, it is quickly climbing the ladder towards the top of my favorites list.
I take it the knife carries tip up? Deep pocket carry or a lot of handle exposure.Besides the differs in opinion on the liner itself does the knife lock up tight? No wobble? Also how is the overall weight? Typical zytel type or a heavier knife?
I really like the looks of this knife and haven't had a chance to handle one yet.
From: 5-27-99 155PM EDT Hey guys just got my Scimitar! My dealer friend picked it up for me in Virginia as it came off the truck! This place didnt have a price for it yet,but since my friend does a lot of business with them, he got it for me for $50.00 bucks. I am really impressed with this knife; fast to unlock , razor sharp fits nice in front pocket. These willprobably retail for around $90.00 bucks dont you think? I have been carrying my big Gunsite in right rear pocket,but the Scimitar seems better in right front pocket. But I can assure you this blade on Scimitar will freak out Sheeple People like Big Gunsite Blade! So I guess one must be careful when flicking these type of knives around the masses. I guess I am lucky cause here in Western Maryland at the restaurant where we hang out no one cares when we bring our Knives out at the table! I am off the subject now; sorry. Also lockup is excellent on Scimitar. THanks for feedback on this great knife. Ivan
Strider/Ivan and everyone in OUR GANG - I have played with it a little more. It is tip up carry. It isn't deep pocket, about an inch of the pommel sticks out of the pocket. In jeans, dockers and such, the knife tends to stay close to the body. It has a very strong lock up with no blade wobble that I can detect. The blade tension can be adjusted but the way it comes from CS is just right for me. I haven't weighed the knife but it is very close to a Lrg. CS Voyager in weight. It feels good in the hand with the balance point being just behind the pivot point of the knive. It is a lively knive that seems to want to move. The handle affords a very secure grip. The pistol grip shape gives extra palm support for thrusts. I am not able to transition from saber/hammer grip to reverse grip as smoothly as I am with other folders. This is nothing a little prcatice won't remedy. I have noticed the blade edge toward the tip is not as sharp as the rest of the blade. I picked up a 2nd one and it also has the same situation with different levels of sharpness. I haven't done any cutting or thrusting tests with it yet, but I have a feeling it will do well. I almost forgot, reverse grip. You can say the same thing for it in reverse grip as you can for a standard grip. If you keep your grip toward the ball pommel, the blade will move forward, giving you a little more reach in the reverse grip. It is not a lot, but it is enough to be useful. That's all for now.

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One pedantic note - That knife shape is not a scimitar or shamshir - a full size curved slashing sort of sword, but a jambiya, the classic Arab and middle eastern fighting knife.

Your point is well taken, Mr. Mattis.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!

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