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Recommendations for small traditional (slipjoint) pocketknife needed

Apr 26, 1999
Can anyone give me a recommendation for a good small pocketknife (good companies to look into, or models)? What is the "best" everyday model to carry? I've run into a problems at work with coworkers being concerned about my "large" (BF Native or Jess Horn Lightweight)folder? Need help, without something I feel naked!! Thanks!!
It`s hard to beat a stockman for an all around knife.Lots of people make good ones.I like `em large but,they don`t seem to have a scare factor.

sevans, to partially answer your question, consider getting something with a stag handle. It has that "outdoors" look to it, as opposed to that "weapon" look. I'd probably go with something from Case. They have lots of variations/sizes . . .

A Case stockman is always a good choice. I've worn out two in my lifetime. Case is comming out with several very atractive new models as well. You also should get an A.G. Russel catalog. They have some good reproductions of traditional pocket knife designs theat they get exclusivly made for them. In the new catalog "SPring 1999" they have a very attractive Warncliff Whittler in stag that is unusual and practical.

Good Hunting.

There is a knife for sale by BladeForums Store that I suggest you consider -- the Gerber Silver Knight. It's not a slipjoint, but rather a small "gentleman's" lockback with some of the best fit & finish you could ever ask for. (The line between back spring and blade is barely visable when open.)

With a 2 1/2" blade, stainless bolsters, and wood scales, it's one of my favorite "suit knives". I doubt that it would scare anyone. BTW, I read earlier today that there were just a few left.

I've got two knives of order from KnifeCenter that would probably fit the bill.

One is this Case medium Stockman with a red bone handle. It's 3 5/8" long. $39.95


This is the other one. It's a Congress model with stag handles. 3.5" long. $59.95


I'll let you know what my first impressions are tomorrow.


Deo Vindice

For everyday carry I enjoy 3 bladed split backspring whittlers. Case has a new one out.
Schatt & Morgan, Winchester and Fighting Rooster all make them.
My favorite traditional slipjoint folder is the Case Pocketworn Stockman, because it's cutting blades are versatile. Another good one if the Case Pocketworn Canoe. Like any company, it's a good idea to check out two or three of the same model for proper blade alignment, "walk and talk," etc.
Try the Mini-Dyad. Even though it's a lock back, it is too small to be threatening and very useful (since the blades lock), it is a cinch to appeal to even non-knife folks and you still get to carry a Spyderco.
How about a Case Trapper,i got two at Walmart for like $25.00 each last year, they were having a close out or something.One is bone and one is yellow handled.Great for everyday carry. I also have a pearl handled one that doesnt see the light of day to often,im just to afraid of dropping it and it shattering in a million peices.

Case has some nice knives. But for a everyday knife that holds its edge a little better take a look at Schrade's Old Timer's, they are made with carbon steel and work very nicely. I wish I could find a slip joint made with one of the newer steels.
While it may not be considered 'traditional', my vote goes to a SAK. I carry a Victorinox 'Tinker' daily. Not only does it not freak people out, it is an enormously useful tool. The best part is they are inexpensive and last well. I carried my last one for 15 yrs and just replaced it on the weekend with the same model.
I got a Schatt & Morgan Wharncliffe Whittler (dark blue scales jigged bone) from A G Russell last year. Great little dress knife, perfect for use around the office with the wharncliffe blade.

The Schatt & Morgan range has some very nice slip-joints in traditinal patterns. Take a look at the A G Russell website . . . http://www.agrussell.com/ . . . and look at their own house brand patterns, some very nice stuff.

If your co-workers are touchy then try to go for blades which will not attract attention, such as sheepfoot, spey, and wharncliffe. They are all relatively "blunt" pointed, but when sharp will happily handle your daily chores.

Bit scary to hear that your co-workers are "concerned" . . . really makes me worry about the future of our society. Maybe in 20 years time all we will be able to eat is soup because any form of cutting instrument will be deemed offensive . . !!

Anyway, good luck with your search, I think the traditional American springblade patterns are brilliant (I've even got myself a custom made one by Eugene Shadley, worth considering, my favourite!!).

Regards, HILTON
OK, so I've seen mention of Case, Schrade, Schatt & Morgan, Winchester, Fighting Rooster, and A G Russell so far.

Has anyone actually seen the Browning slipjoints? Knife Center and Knife Outlet carry them. The blades are AUS8 with Rosewood handles. The pictures look pretty decent. Any opinions? My pockets get much too corrosive in a midwest Summer for my Schrade Old Timer. I've been wondering about the Brownings, though, for the odd occasion when I want something innocuous and traditional looking.

I've also noticed the Boker slipjoints, which come in either carbon steel or 440A. They look ok, but, personally, I'm not that fond of the 440A at the price.

On the subject of Victorinox, I am aware that there are quite a number of real fans, but for myself, I just can't consider them worth the pocket space. About 10 years ago, I carried a Victorinox Executive model for a while, but it just wouldn't hold an edge well enough for my taste. I've lately been carrying a Leatherman Micra on my keyring. This has just about everything a Tinker has, with a better quality blade and better quality tools.

I like Spyderco, but the Mini-Dyad, small as it is, looks kind of "odd". This is not necessarily bad, but from the pictures, I wouldn't call it "dressy". I could easily be wrong, since the pictures I have seen have not been impressive in quality. I'd be open to rethinking that opinion with a better pic.

Out of more or less idle curiosity, I recently picked up a Spyderco CX-01, recently released from experimental status as the Pegasus. I don't see much prospect of it becoming my everyday carry, but I may have found my new airline travel knife.
It's small and pretty non-threatening looking -- not very long or very pointy. With the stainless handle, it looks adequately dressy, so noone is real likely to think of it primarily as a "weapon" and freak out. It isn't an especially traditional pattern, but it is sort of "funny looking" in a simple and somewhat "elegant" way. I'm looking forward to getting a CF Dragonfly. RSN.
That seems like another possible candidate.

Now I've gone and done it. I started off with a question about the Browning and I've said enough else to either irritate the SAK fans or start up the Spydie fans that nobody will even remember to say anything about the Browning. I really would like to hear about any impressions of that if anyone has any.

Paul Neubauer
Two small, non-threatening knives for everyday carry that I like are the Mini-Dyad and the Benchmade 330 Gent. The Mini-Dyad is kind of funky looking, but it's really well made and the plain and serrated locking blades make it very useful. The BM 330 is small, light, and very slim, which is why I carry it a lot since I hardly notice it in my pocket. It has an ATS-34 blade just over 2" in a useful drop point shape. With the titanium liners and G-10 scales, it's sort of a 'mini-tactical' knife.

Prn, I would agree with you that SAK's don't have the edge retention of some other knives, but since I don't mind stropping mine back to full sharpness every few days (in fact I find sharpening knives kind of therapeutic - as well, it seems to be coming a lost art) that hasn't been a major deterent to me. I also like the various 'leatherman' type tools and carry a MiniBuck as well. However, (with the obvious exception of the pliers) I prefer the way the various implements on my SAK perform (my personal preference). In fact, I never use the knife on any of my multi-tools. I'm not trying to knock your preferences-just expand on mine. One of the things I like most about this forum is the variety of opinions and preferences. It would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything. Well, there's my 2 cents worth.
phone_archer said:
It would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything

Hey! That's my line.
Seriously, I've been saying exactly that for years. It's a good thing that opinionated folks like us think that way.

Paul Neubauer