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recontoured edge profile of Trail Guide

Jan 9, 1999
Well last night as I was surfing this site I read a thread about sharpening convex ground blades. Took a look at my Trail Guide and decided that what the heck. So onto the Lansky Diamond System it went. About 3 hours later!, I finally got the edge to really grab, and I mean grab. Put a nice narrow cantle on the edge perfectly done on both sides. Talk about A2 being sharp. This thing is extremely grabby. I know I ruined the factory edge(convex) but I will tell ya it was a hassle getting it sharp once it went dull, not that it was dull last night. I was using round crock sticks on the convex edge and it was starting to flatten out a bit and it was a hit or miss propsition getting it back to the original sharpness. Now it is not a problem and in the feild should be that much easier to bring back. Anyways nice and sharp now and will stay that way. Anbody who is thinking about doing this I say go for it.
If the knife is a used as this one, what the heck. Keep'em sharp.