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Regarding Judson Brennan

Jan 31, 1999
Does anyone know if Judson Brennan from Alaska have a homepage for his knives?
All I have found is some rifles. I just love the knives that he makes, but I will probably never be able to buy one, or see one in real life.


I am here in AK, but I have never heard of Judson Brennan. There are a plethora of Alaskan knife makers here, and many of them make exquisite knives. I am in the process of trying to start an internet business of marketing handmade Alaskan knives from various local makers, and will keep an eye for this fellow's work. There are several gun shows coming up, and many knifemakers show up to hock their wares at these events. If you are looking for a particular peice, or for some contact information, I can see what I can do for you.


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You must check this guy Judson Brennan out, he´s fantastic. He makes period pieces and does his own engrawing, he also often "patinates" (correct word?), the knives so they look as if the came from the 19:th century. He also makes his own damascus. I have only seen him featured in KI and Blade a couple of times (thats not enough).
PS, His knives has are quite expensive, so I can never afford to buy one.
J. Brennan is located in Delta Junction AK, about 100 miles SE of Fairbanks according to my map. I was fortunate enough to win one of his knives last year, which was the grand door-prize at a knife show held in Bellevue, WA. A _very_ nice piece.
Thanks for your answer Bruce E.
Do you have any knowledge about the price range on Judsons knifes. I guess they dosen´t cheap, considering their quality and top class work.
Also I want to congratulate you to winning the knife.