REKAT Carnivore Cub review?

May 29, 2000
Hey, everyone. I noticed that One-Stop Knife shop has these guys on sale right now. I was wondering if anyone out there has one, and if so what do you think of it? I have the CRKT KFF (the 3"-bladed version) and I love the feel of the handle and the blade shape, I'm just not comfortable with the fact that the liner barely engages the back of the blade. I know that it has the LAWKS safety feature, but I want a knife that I know will be safe if I have to use it quickly in a self-defense situation. I just don't know if I could remember to thumb that little lever if I was running on pure addreneline. So, I was curious how the carnivore cub holds up. I will admit to having never held or played with any REKATs at all (no one around here sells them) so I know nothing at all about the rolling lock. So, please guys, if anyone out there has any info about this knife, I would love to hear about it! Besides my Blade forums knife bag one slot left for a new knife!


I've been carrying one of these for about a week and a half and like it a lot. Stout construction and fits my hand well. The Rolling Lock is one of the strongest out there and you don't have to push any buttons to lock it.

Cool, thanks for the info Mike! I really appreciate it! I think that I'll probably go and order one today.

Thanks again,