REKAT Carnivour--->For all-around use or not?

Jun 19, 1999
I haven't heard what I'd like to about this knife. I like my folders big and high-tech. The Carnivour certainly fits the bill. But people are leaning toward it as a defensive/tactical knife. Is this accurate? If so, would it be usefull also for utility/camping work? REKAT claims that the lokc holds up to 1,000 pound of pressure, but I don't know if I believe this.

Comparing this knife to the Axis and Starmate didn't do much for me, because I dislike both of these knives, as well as Spyderco products. They're excellent knives, but I look for design also, and don't like the Axis or Starmate, and dislike the opening hole in the blades of Spyderco products.

I want something big, with a good steel, wide blade, and a heavy-duty handle, something secure an comfortable with modern handle materials. Not only do I need a knife that is haevy duty for work around camp, in the woods, or for every day utilities, I need a knife that also comes in handy as a defensive knife. This knife seems to fit the bill. Does anything else come close?


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Excellent question.

My use and needs are pretty much what you have expressed. That is a combination utility/defense knife that looks nice and works even better. I am trying to decide - is it the Carnivour?
Given your expressed opinions of Spyderco and Benchmade, I suggest that the only competition for the Carnivore would be the Sifu, when it is available, or the very pricy Sebenza. The Rolling Lock is, as I have said before, some strong, and the blade is a very solid ATS-34. There are some coming in Talonite, but that puts the Carnivore into the Sebenza price class.

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Seems like you answered your own question. "I like the Carnivore, and dislike everything else -- should I get the Carnivore?"
Seriously though, the Carnivore would make a fine heavy-duty work knife. The upside is that it performs well, and is strong for this size folder. The handle provides some of the best security I've seen, due to the subhilt-like projection and palm-hugging curves. The lock is reliable and strong.

The downsides for everyday carry, in my opinion, are: 1. This is a big, heavy package for a knife with a 3.7" blade; 2. the high-security ergonomics can get uncomfortable in extended use, way before (say) an Axis would get uncomfortable.

The moderately recurved blade will perform better, but be more difficult to sharpen, than a non-recurved blade of the same general shape. I take performance over sharpenability every time, but that's not the choice that's best for everyone.

For your uses, you should love the Carnivore. Pick it up!

For most likely around $400, because it was said in the REKAT forum that a plain jane g-10 handled version would be around $350, treat yourself and get a carbon-fiber handled, Talonite bladed Carnavour!

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Well, I've checked it out on the REKAT website, and have decided to go for the Carnivour. In fact, I'm watering at the mouth for it. But so expensive! Where can I buy them outside of the internet?

I like the 50/50 partially serrated blade. What do you think about this?


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Gator, go to the REKAT forum and see what they say there about serrations.

As to where to get a discount, try the Knives For Sale/For Trade forum. I have seen them there for as little as $110. Also try TopofTexas knives. In general, I suggest going to the "Links" section of the Front Page and bringing up all of the retailers listed there.

Best of Luck, I love mine! Of course, honesty requires me to say that I won it in the April Knife Drawing (hint: keep posting, and you, too, may win something).

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I consider the Carnivore to be the SERE knife of this decade. I have not gone to the woods in a short while because I have been working on my shop. Since I have been working on the shop I have used my Crawford Carnivour for cutting fiberglass insulation, drywall, cotten drop clothes, rubber hose, vinyl sideing. Reaming out pipes,2X4s. It has held up well I have had to touch up the edge very little. The secret to a sharp knife is "NEVER LET IT GET DULL". Always touch up the edge before you have worn it to flat.



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Carnivour for $350?! The REKAT website says $169 MSRP for the plain edge, satin blade, with G-10 scales. Did I miss something?

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He is talking probably $350 for the REKAT Talonite blade material Carnivour. Talonite is damned expensive to buy and work at the moment...