REKAT Carnivour Knife

Jul 8, 1999
1) Has anyone evaluated this knife?
2) Has anyone compared it's "Rolling Lock" locking mechanism to the others?

Actually I've been a little disappointed with the Carnivour. The fit and finish seem below my expectation for a knife in this price category. We've had one come in with uneven grinding (one side to the other,) and the action is a little on the stiff side on all of them for my taste. The blade finish seems on the coarse side for a fine, expensive knife. Nevertheless it is a tanklike brute of a knife like all the REKAT products. The Pocket Hobbit and Pioneer get my thumbs up without reservation.

I feel very good about the rolling lock. It's similar to the Axis lock on the 710 model Benchmade. There is no doubt in my mind that it is stronger than lockback or liner locking mechanisms. it is also likely susceptible to fouling from dirt to a greater degree than other mechanisms, though. Truthfully I've heard or read nothing about the mechanisms fouling from getting dirty so it's more of an academic observation than one based in experience. Take care.

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SB - awesome review! I really appreciate your testing the three knives together... a real world comparison of knives that would likely be employed in similar manners and situations. Excellent work! Thanks!
The ones I saw at the Blade Show were nice. This knife just grabbed my hand. It locked in my grip nice and tight. If you get a chance to hold one, do it. I'll have one of these knives someday.

Thank you very much for the reply/review, I just finished reading it, OUTSTANDING!

Stoney SGT/FTO