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REKAT Carnivour

Nov 25, 1998
My REKAT Carnivour arived today!! Thank you.
I have looked at it and compared it, at least superficially, to my Military. The knife is extremely well made, especially for a pre-production prototype (as labelled on the blade). It handles very well and is very smooth. My wife, not a knife knut felt it and said that it really felt good in her hand. Sha also liked the wood appearance of the G-10 scales. The lock seems very like the old Gerber bolt-action. Can anyone tell me more about it? It is VERY secure, whatever it is. More review to come, as I get more experience. Also pictures if I can get an address to which to send them.
Again, thank you.

Walk in the Light,
I'm interested in picking up a Carnivour. The best price I've seen is $169.95 with the knife due in to the retailer in about 8 days. Does anyone no of a better deal? Thanks ahead of time.

Milan in Santa Cruz

Try here :


Non- Coated $ 111.00

coated $ 117.00

The best prices by far, there a 3 week waiting period, which is why I have not order. But to each their own.

Tahnks DannyC

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clyde, are you sure the price you quoted was correct?

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Hi SB.

Yes, I think Clyde's direction to DiscountKnives is correct.. and the price you see there is correct as well..
Too good to be true, huh.

After carrying my new Carnivore (I noted that Bob Taylor used this spelling)for two days and playing with it extensively, it is definitely growing on me. Can anybody tell me about the lock, it looks more and more like the old Gerber bolt action lock, which I always liked?

Walk in the Light,

Maybe you might want to ask that in the REKAT forum? Or email him? Or just call him up? Just a thought.


I know his link is accurate, and so is the price listed THERE. But the price he listed HERE is in the $110 area whereas over THERE in the link is around $170. Is this an error or is there a special deal going on that people aren't telling me?

The $170 is the retail price. The price Discount Knives is charging is about $117 for the Carnivour, which is 35% off the retail.
Oh my god, so it's true!? I can get a Carnivour for $117?! Excuse me, but I have to go talk to my "boss".
I am toying with the idea of going into dept by purchasing a Carnavour in the future, but am torn between getting the Black-T or not. Does anyone know if the Black-T is the same type as on the Genesis, or that of like on the Benchmades? I've gotten rid of my Benchmade knives with Black-T. Now I don't have any black blades. Can you see my dilemma.
Please help.
I think Benchmade's black coating is proprietary, so no one else uses it. Which is all well and good, for while it seems to provide excellent corrosion protection, the stuff rubs off if you look at it funny.

So no, I'm pretty sure REKAT's black coating is some other animal.


Hey! Uncle Sam!

(_!_) Nyah nyah nyah!

Refund! You lose! :)

I'd get one for sure, but I haven't been able to *play* with one yet
. Anyone seen the Gerber Parabellum? looks kinda like the Carnavour.....