REKAT neck knives

Mar 7, 1999
This is my first post, and I just want to say: Great forum!

Secondly, anyone have any comments on the REKAT neck knives? Useability, sharpness out of the box, etc.? The price seems decent considering the multicarry sheath and finish.
Welcome to the forums Tom!!

Welcome Tom,

Don't own one, but a lot or forumites do. If you do a search (by clicking on search and entering "neck knife" or "REKAT") you should be able to see a bunch of posts on this one.
I have a REKAT Utility neck knife. I am very impressed by the durability, convenience and utility of both knife and sheath. It also has a BlackTi coat, which I think almost essential for wearing anything next to your body. On the other hand, the blade was not particularly sharp, and I haven't been able to get it much sharper (it won't shave, but it kind of scrapes).
I own 2 REKAT fang knives. One in ats34, and the other black coated. Not the easiest to knives to sharpen. Using a spyderco sharpening system, it takes a long tine with the ats34 blade. The thickness of the blade makes it very hard to cut cardboard or almost anything for that matter. I think they are much heavier than the few other neck knives I have seen. In fact you should be able to hammer on the spine with out much damage to the blade. They looked cool on the web site so I ordered 2. They will probably wind up in the tool box.
The carry options are good.
Greetings Tom. I must say that I' ve grown quite fond of my Rekat utility since receiving it a few weeks ago. It is actually lighter than some of my other neck knives due to its large circular cutouts. Its kydex carry system is good and the muti position belt clip actually works! The knife itself does not come with a sharp edge due to its steep grind. So an improved angle was called for from my Lansky kit. It is now razor sharp! The black finish rubs off with continuous draws but a swipe of a Tuff Cloth or some oil will help preserve the exposed metal.
There is a finger groove cutout to both aid in indexing and preventing your fingers from slipping forward. I was also surprised that all cutouts and edges were properly radiused and rounded for a knife in this price range. I do wish that the entire handle edge had file work to aid in a more secure grip. But a nice knife overall. I like it!


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Welcome, Tom. I've had one of the Fang models for about a year or so and have found it to be a very good neck knife. It actually lays very flat, isn't too long and is very light, which becomes a factor at some point in the day. It did need a session with my Sharpmaker to get it properly sharp, but after that it's been great. It cuts very well for such a small knife, that tool steel does have it's merits !
Just want to say thank-you for all the replies and welcomes, they are much appreciated.

As long as I can make it sharp, I'm sold.

Thanks Again!

Hey - people with the REKAT utility style neck knife - how long is the blade?? I am limited to 2.5" by my extremely enlightened city ordinances - I know the REKAT site says the Fang has a 2.5" blade, but it looks longer. If a cop were to see my Utility sticking out of my pocket (neck carry no good under a suit, I feel) would he agree that it it has a 2.5" blade, not just 2.5" edge? Thanks for any assitance. FF
I'm wearing the Fang model right now. The Utility model looks more versatile, but the Fang model offers more finger protection due to its handle shape. One thing not to discount is its steel: Ti coated 1095! It can out cut ATS-34 any day, takes an aggressive edge, and is extremely easy to re-sharpen. The only complaint is that I wish it had a needle sharp point. I don't skin animals regularly (although tempted to do so with my cats every day), but clean fingernails, pick splinters, open boxes, etc often.

Other knives of this class to consider would be: AG Russell Bird & Trout, Cold Steel Bird & Trout, Cold Steel Paraedge, & OE Wedge. I chose Rekat because of its steel (I prefer coated tool steel over stainless)--this eliminates Russell, Paraedge, and Wedge; and Rekat handle looks more comfortable than CS Bird & Trout (with its Carbon V steel). I also bought it for $25 @ Bladeauction. Can't beat the price.

I've kept experimenting on the carrying system also but found the neck carry to be the most convenient and inconspicuous way. You may find its handle uncomfortable. But for a neck knife, this is an acceptable compromise.


BTW: my Fang does have a 2.5" cutting edge.
I own on both models. A paracord wrap on the handles of both helps a bunch! I also had to put some sweat into re-profiling the edges. I have them both razor sharp now! They are great everyday pocket carry fixed blades. I use both of them for everything and anything I would ever use a folder for. The sheath slips right in my front pocket and it's so thin, you don't even notice it's there until you need it!
I too was bidding at BladeAuction! Fun place to shop. I stopped bidding on the REKAT and decided I better inquire further before I bought something I would regret.


I've got both the Fang and the Utility. Current production on the neck knives is Black T, not Ti, on 1095 high carbon steel. Bob has had Birdsong apply the Teflon. The Utility is the most recent piece I've gotten and it would shave right out of tube (they ship in mailing tubes). I've had Fangs for a couple of years and I remember them as just as sharp. (My wife has one hanging from her necklace rack that she wears when wearing a dress.) After playing with the Utility for a few days I think it's a handy little knife that is comfortable and relativly safe to carry and use. I've not hammered it or pryed with it, but if I do I'll let you know if it performs up to expectations. The Utility Specs are: blade length = 2.65 inches, blade thickness = .125 inches, overall length = 6.75 inches. The Fang specs are: blade length = 2.85 inches, blade thickness = .125 inches, overall length = 6.20 inches. When it gets to splitting hairs over whether you have a 2.5 inch blade or 2.65 inch blade it's best to know HOW your LEO measures blade length. Is it from the beginning of the edge to the point or is it from the ricasso to the point? Call the local DA and tell them you want to know so that you can comply with the law.



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To answer Fishfaces question specifically, the cutting edge of my Utility is 2 7/8"! So manufacturing tolerances do indeed vary. Also, since both Fangs and Utilitys are scaleless, where does one determine where the ricasso starts?? Sigh...


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I carry the ATS-34 Fang quite a lot and have been very happy with it. Problems noted ease of sharpening (not), noise of ball chain moving thru kydex holes under your shirt (gets funny looks), thickness of blade (when it comes to slicing). Nice things indexes well, thickness of blade (when it comes to any kind of abuse), ATS-34 gives me no problem despite profuse sweating on the knife when jogging, slim profile even when the handle is wrapped (I use flat nylon webbng laced along the handle rather then 550 cord.

I notice someone named archie has an ATS-34 fang on the forum for $35.


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My REKAT Utility kneck knife came today.

First impressions: sharp, but not scary sharp. Arm hairs don't volunteer to fall off, they have to be convinced. Grind lines are distinct and even on both sides. Nicely beveled, no sharp edges, except where there are supposed to be. Coating appears even. Ball chain occasionally pulls hairs. Worth 60 bucks from Cove Cutlery.
I have owned a Fang in 1095 for about 4 months. I liked it so much I use the ball bearing chain for holding my house key. The key lies flat against the sheath and stops the chain rattling through it. (you do look a little silly if you are lazy and do not take the knife off first.) The edge was incredibly sharp out of the box, and maintainance is simple with a Solingen angled steel (looks like a hunter honer). When I ordered I was tempeted to go with the combo edge, but now I'm glad I got the straight edge. At work I tuck the sheath into my waistband and put the chain around a belt loop or the little button tab that holds my pants closed (there is a button tab, and the usual dress pant metal tab). You should see the looks I get when I produce a fixed blade knife, use it, and sheathe it with the only the top of the handle visible. It is the perfect fingerprint lifting knife. One hand deployment/return, broad flat blade (for smoothing tape)and a sharp edge that goes to the tip (even if it is alittle thick). Blade is too thick to use to shim a cheap door open, but oh well....

Previous post said that my REKAT fang neck knives would spend time in the tool box due to hard to sharpen. Picked up an edgepro apex sharpener at the Oregon Knife show this weekend. Set the angle at 21 degrees and started to grind. A few minutes later both fangs were scary sharp, with mirror polished edges perfectly even. Even the ats34!!
No more tool box for these puppies.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?