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REKAT Pioneer Blade Shape????

Oct 6, 1998
Of those of you that have a REKAT pioneer,
which blade shape do you think is best for a all around daily carry utility blade? I like the look of the swept point but wonder if the tip is too blunt for piercing. I'm sure it would be great for skinning, but that won't happen too often here, it does look strong at the tip for prying. The clip and drop point look like they would be better for everyday. Are the clip and drop point strong as the swept at the tip??

Generally, the swept point is generally strongest, then drop point, but the clip point will be weaker. Looking at the Pioneers I expect this to be the case. For puncture ability, the clip point will be best, drop point second best, swept point third best (more metal than the drop point as you go further back).

For me, I've started favoring piercing ability over point-prying strength (to a point). I tend to puncture soft things a lot, and that favors a thinner but weaker point. I don't want it too weak, because I do engage in some no-no's with the point and I also occasionally try to puncture harder materials. But the Pioneer clip point looks about right to me, it's my first choice. The drop point would be my second choice for sure, at least it'll still puncture okay.

I wouldn't get the swept point, the point isn't right FOR ME. It might be right for you -- think about how much prying you really want to do with the point of your folder, versus puncturing soft targets like cardboard, versus puncturing hard targets.

I have both drop and swept point Pioneers. What Joe said about the swept,drop and clip points respectively is true.
However, these are pretty massive blades so the clip point is stronger than most.
I like the way it looks more than any other option, but the drop point is probably stronger.
The clip point, in its folded position, displays the beveled spine of the blade. The drop point is flat.
Last motorcycle trip I went on I was faced with the decision of which blade type would be best for a camp knife. I went with the clip point, used it to open cans, split wood
and the usual working stuff and had no problems.
IMO, that swept point blade is butt-ugly!!!
I've got the clip point and I think it is pretty strong.

If you break this knife, you've earned it.

Of course, if you do break it, just send it to my bud Bill McWilliams, who has a special place in his heart for these REKAT's.

(I had to Bill, I just had to.....)


"Live Free, or Die"

On the other hand, I think everything but the SWEPT is ugly...

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