Oct 20, 1999
In NYC recently, at the last show we had here in fact, I had the privlege (sp) of meeting some of the staff at REKAT. Although I remember few names, I am pretty sure Mr. Brothers was the first to ask me if I needed help. Enthusiastic as hell, he showed me the passion he had for his trade, in the way he described his products.

Since then I have been looking for a rolling lock that I like. I found the Pocket Hobbit-none available! I opted for a black coated, tanto pointed, Pioneer II.

At first I WAS PISSED!!! Too tight, thumb grew sore and chaffed, wrist began to hurt. After two weeks of HEAVY use I LOVE the knife. Lock is superb-strong, solid, smooth. Blade is sharp out of the "tube" and takes a new edge easily. G10 is tough as I've seen, even more so in fact then those on my Military and Stryker!

Clip make the knife ride a little high for my taste-but more comfortable then I am used to. I actually fell asleep twice with this baby clipped to my hip!

Cleaning is a breeze, tuff cloth and one or two squirts of Lithium-Grease Spray.

Only gripe-BT coating, as always, is a weak point-one staple in a shipping box and that was it! I have a little cheat I use here; scotch tape over the edge, and CHEAP CLEAR NAIL POLISH!!! Looks a little nasty, but resists scatches better-hey I bought a worker here, not a show piece!

Tanto point, even though not as versitile as that on my stryker is sweet and precise-"belly" snags and burrs easily during sharpening.

Highly rec'mend-able piece-however opt for non-BT coating, or be prepared for scratches!

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