Repent ye sinners, turn from your wicked ways...

Oct 3, 1998
and buy a new knife this week

Sorry Spark, couldn't help it!!


Glad to see humor is still around

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Yea, verily yea!

And reach thou out to the knifeless lost sheep around us, and give thou knives unto them, that they might be led back to the true path of our kind, that they may neatly peel the fruit of the tree of knowledge and not tear at it with their fingernails!

And the choir respondeth, AY-MEN!

...and thou shalt give knives unto me...a Spydie Viele..*cough*..and shalt go forth and spread the word...

I am a sinner!
Forgive me!

Send me a knife!

I want a Light Saber.

you guys are really cracking me up... hahaha..

Hmmm... one sin = 1 knife... So I'm still considered a newbie sinner.. Any professional sinners out there? lol...

But now....let him who has no sword sell his robe and buy one. (Luke22:36) that would be a Tom Mayo sword of course!

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Sorry guys. I do understand and like humour, but I find this topic RELIGIOUSLY OFFENSIVE. Sin is a serious matter, and to claim that it is curable by buying more knives is BLASPHEMY. I find this as a case of one religion (money, merchandise, mammon, etc.) attempting to bash another (Christian faith).


Markku, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. All men are born with original sin, yourself included.

To err is human, to forgive divine. Practice what you preach. If this thread offends you, then turn the other cheek.

That would be Christian of you.

Yes, Saint James. I agree. Thanks for sound advice. But I'm already getting a neck-workout from "turning the other cheek". And that doesn't alter what I just said.

I'm sure there are better reasons for buying knives.

Here's what I've noticed.
I'm a better person today (then when I was in my youth).
I have more knives today then in my youth.
The older I get the more knives I collect and the less trouble I'm involved in, also I have become nicer and more forgiving.
Thus one may notice the correlation, buy more knives become a better person.
Two points. (1) Correlation alone does not imply causality; you'd have to check for possible alternative explanations for you becoming a better person (e.g., aging). (2) Even the correlation may not be universal; have seen lots of exceptions.



PS. Under what conditions buing more knives *will* make one "nicer and more forgiving", is a real and interesting question!
Well, it's like this:

The more money and time I spend on knives, the less I'll have to spend on worse things. My plan is to read BladeForums until my soul is bleached so white I'll blind you all!

David Rock
Nobody's trying to bash any major religion in this thread, or to worship the goods of this world for that matter. It's a humor thread, and the butt of the joke is not religion, but our own obsessions!

And I have seen folks in the various knife forums get as excited and even hostile over knife matters, as if they were talking religion and politics. For some extreme examples, go back in the archives, here and especially elsewhere, for "Mad Dog" threads.

And it is common practice to use "pulpit" verbiage for emphasis or for humor in secular contexts. For example, all the alternate lists of "Ten Commandments" or "Eleventh Commandments" people have put up. Here's one that circulates among gun owners: . A quick search in Alta VIsta also turns up "Ten Commandments" for airway management, sending e-mail, bilingual family, web development, computer ethics, small business, family advocacy, science journalism, car collecting, parrot ownership, service and quality, good manners, image and sound, tennis, taxi drivers, gold miners, grandparents, tea, sound waves, success, nutrition, diamond buying, creative women, football handicapping, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! In fact, it turns up more secular links than religious ones!

And the word, "sin," is also routinely used, by the pious and irreverent alike, in contexts where nobody is thinking of divine or cosmic judgement. For example, good chocolate chip cookies may be described as "sinfull." Cutting food on the ceramic sink tiles is considered a "sin" around here.

But now that a humor thread has gone serious, maybe it's best to let it die.


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Dear father
who art be forging,
hollowed be thy grind,

thy knife will come,
to the mail I run,
to see what the mailman hath bringeth me.

On bended knee,
I open to see
what the good smith hath madeth for me.

It is this I ask, with my trusty flask, oh Blu Native will you not come to me?

For mine is the Benchmade, and the spydie, and the custom, and the MOD also whenever they get here. Forever and ever, until I sell them.

I been bad this week apparently. Titanium Emerson benchmade, MOD Razorback (Thank you PHIL!!!!) and drooling about my impending Native. Also going to work a trade soon with Steve45 for my PC Fer de Lance for something of his! The lord and Master (Mistress and Master!) of my house will surely banish me to the underground kingdom (basement) should any of you angels mention these sins to her, which have been commited outside of her omniscience AND THEY WILL REMAIN SO, UNDERSTAND BOYS AND GIRLS???

Never take any of this opinion stuff seriously, unless of course it is your own opinion, right?