Request- DeltaZ 360 knife- the "pen" knife....

anybody have one? anybody used one? anybody played with one at a show?...
Oct 3, 1998
Gee I won one does that count? I posted a review couple of months ago on Delta Z's forum. Mine is silver and serialed #1 and comes in a nice teak presentation box. Interested? E-mail me if so.
i found the review on the site- thanks! it seems like a pretty rugged contraption!
I might be interested, if i can sneak it past the wifey- she doesn't like to see me spending too much on cutlery nowadays! (back in school at the old age of 35 and still working nights but y'know the money's still tight for a while)..
a link?
i dunno, i'm not sure that i'm that fond of Strider yet, and i am married, so....
OH, you meant a LINK!...
or something like that...
We hardly know each other and I am also married. Maybe in time......... Oh yeah what I declined to mention in my review is that the blade is also chisel ground and since the blade is thin and small you don't really notice it right away.