Request: Fallkniven A1 vs Busse Natural Outlaw

Sep 9, 2000
Anyone have any opinions on this? I understand that the steels on both knives are excellent, but I'm concerned about the Fallkniven handle. How durable is it compared to the Busse? Which is more comfortable?

Is one a better chopper? Pryer? Cutter? Which knife is the toughest overall?

Thanks for your help. I'm also wondering how the Chris Reeves Shadow IV compares to the above two knives as an all around survival knife (in the 5-6" range"

Hey Photog...

Can't comment on the Busse really other than to say that Micarta is an Extremely durable material..
The custom Busses I have held have All been Very high quality,, worth every penny IMHO...

Now to the Fallkniven....

In MHO the Fallkniven are Worth every penny as well...

They have held up Great for me and have had No problem with the handle on Any of them, and remember my Fallknivens although not used in the field everyday they are used to make sheaths everyday,,so they are pretty Beat up, but in Every way perfectly fuctional,,only cosmetic......

It all depends on what your price point is..
If you have the money for a custom Busse and you want one so bad you can taste it,,then thats the blade for you....

But also for the price of the Busse ,,you could probably get the AI as well as the FI..

Don't quote me on that,,as I'm not sure of the prices off hand...

Slap those babies in some On/Scene Tactical Concealex and you've got knives that will last a Very long time....

You won't go wrong either way you look at it,, just depends how your cash flow is...

Just my opinion,,hope it helps more than confuses..

ttyle Eric...

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Here I have shared my opinion on some Fällknivens:

I do not have any experience with Busse Combat knives so here my opinion is $0.02 worth but:
1. the overall design looks great and ergonomics probably also;
2. I do not believe the "wonder steel" which beats each other steel exists at all, the simply good steel is quite enough for me.
3. I do like thinner blades, the blade thickness 1/4" for each blade length (especially these 3" and 5") looks like clear overkill for me.

Fällknivens are more attractively priced, require less maintenance (stainless steel) and are available with leather, Kydex or Cordura sheaths depending on your choice.
FallKniven certainly makes great blades, I'm just partial to the feel of the Busse, especially the new Natural Outlaw. Busse Knives just seem to have the beef and that Diamond Canvas Micarta really is comfortable.

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Mike Payne
I'm with mpayne on this. I don't think you have to worry about the durability of the Fallkniven, handle or blade, but the handle of the busse is going to be much more comfortable than that of the Fallniven. My mean street feels much better in my hand that my S1. It also weighs more that the S1! But not by much, because of the full flat grind that busse uses. Comfy and super strong. Fallkniven will give you all the utility you need - so, can you spring for the Lexus, or are you satisfied with a functional Camry, and spending the savings elsewhere.

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I have used a Busse Battle Mistress, a Busse #7 Basic, the A1,S1,F1, WM and Project from Reeves :

In terms of handle durability the Reeves all steel grip is easily the best. The Busse Micarta is also very resistant to abrasive wear and can take decent impacts even in cold weather. The Fallkniven grips are far less durable and you will see wear within a few months of use. I have also tore the guards on one during use.

In terms of security the ranking is the same. The steel checkered grip is comfortable even with a soaped/oiled grip. The Busse grip is secure because of the large guards, and the Fallkniven blades are unstable unless a laynard is used.

In regards to comfort, the steel checkering is obviously very abrasive as can be the Fallkniven grips in regards to chopping. The Busse Combat handles are significantly better with no real problems in this area.

As for cutting, all three companies know how to grind a high performance edge profile. The Fallknivens edges are fully convex, the Reeves is a hollow primary grind with a convex bevel and the Busse a flat primary grind with a dual flat/convex bevel. The Busse and Reeves blades will probably out chop and out cut the A1 in general because of the thinner primary grinds as well as most likely a thinner edge profile.

In regards to durability, the stainless Fallkniven blades are very strong, but would fail before the Busse and Reeves blades in terms of impacts. The A1 and Busse blades have very strong tip profiles, prying wise. The Reeves tip is thinner and offers better penetration.

Thanks for all of your replies. It sounds like the Busse is the way to go. I used to have a CRK Shadow III, and even though I loved its strength, I couldn't get used to the grip. I have a Busse thin lean Mean Street on order, so if I find the handle to be comfortable, I'll order the Natural Outlaw or the Steel Heart II.

Thanks again!