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Review - CRKT Wharncliffe Mirage

Apr 23, 2000
First impressions.

Let me tell you about my new CRKT Wharncliffe Mirage. I can't believe I got this knife for only $16.99 plus shipping from 1SKS! I almost feel like I stole it. Teflon washers - smooth. Good lock-up on the liner. The handles are zytel, but neither look it nor feel it. Torx screws throughout. Dual thumbstuds. Tolerances are great all around. Blade sharp (here's the one problem, got a couple tiny, emphasis on tiny, nicks in the blade). The blade is absolutely solid with no blade play (even with the lock disengaged).

Ergonomically, the knife feels great in the hand. The forefinger goes naturally to the notch made for releasing the liner (also there for the stud). On top of the blade are grooves to keep your thumb in position. The clip has a low profile, and for me more importantly, a thin profile. What I mean is, it doesn't stick out there to get caught on stuff. They've recessed the screw end of the clip into the scale. A well thought out and executed design.

And to top it all off - it's a great *looking* knife.

I know we're not talking premium materials here, but this is about the best you can get in workmanship - especially at less than $20!

I am a newly converted CRKT fan.

I've always wanted a Wharncliffe, now I've got one. Just the right size too. I'm thinking about that Grey Ghost Wharncliffe. Hmmm.

To be continued....

"All is well. And all will be well - in the garden." Chance the Gardener
what kind of nicks were they, and where were they located?, just curious, i ordered some from 1sks also and am still waiting for them. thanks!..jh
Closer inspection revealed the "nicks" to be rolled areas in the edge. I mean it when I say tiny. These are a slight imperfection just barely noticeable. Under magnification I was able to tell the edges were rolled. One located about 1/2 inch from each end of the blade.

Very easy to correct with a few passes on the Spyderco Sharpmaker.
thanks r!!!...i appreciate it!!!...reynoldsburg???...im just down the road from you!!