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Review or opinion requested on GB5928 BMF Survival

Mar 29, 1999
A very dear friend of mine asked me my opinions on a knife he really thinks to buy: the Gerber GB5928 BMF Survival (that one with a saw on the back).

He saw it at this address:

a German Internet Shop. Its price (sending and taxes included) is $ 336.40 USD.

I don't know anything about it, but it is a quite old model and it is not a very good knife (not so good steel and the like).

Does someone have some accurate informations, or can suggest a better knife for that price?

This friend is a tall guy, more than two meters tall and weighting about 210 lbs. He is not fat, he is BIG. He likes huge knives, and uses it for heavy uses, being a good hunter (deers, boars. BTW, he owns a Weatherby Mark 5 rifle, caliber 460 Weatherby Magnum). He doesn't like small handle because his hands are huge.


For that huge amount of money, you could probably find something MUCH better. And if I know my fellow forumites, you should soon expect a lot of fine suggestions .)

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

WOW $336. for a Gerber. That price alone would make me go as far away from that deal as possible.There are numerous selections of big factory knives for a fraction of that price. If your friend really wants that Gerber have him look around US sites for it at more then half the cost.
Hey Guys....

WoW..... Is that price ever Steep!!

For $100 less you could get a TOPS Anadconda 7" a far,,far better knife than the BMF would ever dream of being....

Not only that,, there are a Ton of makers here on the Forum, who have Excellent quality knives...

I suggest you keep looking.. There are Way better deals out there than that....

ttyle Eric....

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for that price he could getba busse basic 9 and have a h##l of a better knife.

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j . p hissom
The problem for a knife dealer in Germany is that the wholesale dealers have to charge them more than retail in the US.
This has partly to do with the extra shipping cost and of course the tax here.
We have a 16 % sales tax!!!And sales tax is already included in that prize.
I once received some outdoor stuff from the US and the customs charged more than 30 % for sale tax and customs. They are also allowed to add their taxes on the shipping cost, too.
BTW if you buy swiss army knives or birkenstocks in the US they are way too much, compared to here.
Anyway if you buy an americanmade knife here in Germany, you are f...ed.

PS: I own the BMF. For that prize do not buy it. Also I know a place here where you can buy it for around 250 $. E-mail me if you want to know.
Does someone know anything about technical datas of Gerber BMF? What alloy of steel, what handle, what HRC?

Did someone use it? How does it perform?


In my opinion...
The BMF/LMF is a fairly decent knife.I've seen better,, but then I've seen worse...

Although the BMF is a Big Knife, it is far to light to do any heavy work, like chopping things like this. It just doesn't have the blade weight to do that particular job well.

A full tang construction with a heavier blade would be a better choice for this type of duty.

As far as doing other tasks,, I don't know,,I've only tried chopping with it,, and didn't much like the results.

ttyle Eric...

Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical
Custom made, High Quality
Concealex Sheaths and Tool Holsters
Canada's Only Custom Concealex Shop!

He can easily find a better knife. For starters, He could get a Cold Steel Trailmaster. Make sure it is in Carbon V steel. With his hands though, I'm not sure the handle on the Trailmaster will be comfortable. It will out perform the Gerber by quite a bit. Check out the thread a little further down from yours on the Trailmaster. Bagheera is offering to sell his new Trailmaster and even pick up the shipping costs. That should take care of the mark up for shipping and taxes. My personal choice for him would be an RTAK. (Randall Training and Adventure Knife.) It is a 10" survival knife with a good size handle. It has gotten excellent reviews here on the forum. It is made by Newt Livesay. He will get the most bang for his buck with this knife. If he has a lot of money, and wants what is arguably the best survival knife, tell him to get a Busse Battle Mistress. Use the search function at the top of the page and you will find a wealth of knowledge on all three of these knives. (As well as on the Gerber.) If you go to Cliff Stamp's website,(I don't have the url off hand) you will find the most in depth reviews anywhere on survival knives. Has your friend ever tried a khukri? Cliff's site will tell you all you need to know about them. Also try Jeff Randall's Training and Adventure site. (Again, I don't have the url.) He also does very in depth tests of survival and camp knives.

Take care, (AND a big knife)