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Review Request: CRKT Titanium Mirage

I've been looking at the CRKT Titanium Mirage at KnifeOutlet and AG Russell.

It looks like a really sweet knife.

Titanium Frame Lock, Mirage Style for $65

Anyone have any experience with this knife or the ACUTO 440 Blade Steel?

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Jun 13, 2000

I ordered one for my dad for xmas, it was around the house for a couple weeks and I had a chance to handle it a bit.

I am still waiting for a report on the steel, my dad is an expert with Arkansas stones, but it came very sharp and he might not need to sharpen it until spring.

I do think that he has removed the clip, he doesn't like them much. He did like the size and weight, even with the clip. It's his first 'one-hand' knife, so I also await his opinion of this feature.

My own opinion is that this is a great knife for the price, it is small, but just perfect for pocket carry. A great 'gentlemans' knife. The fit and finish on the one I received were perfect, the lock-up was excelllent.

I have the smallest S-2 from CRKT and I like it very much. Titanium frame and frame-lock are a good combo. I think I will have to order the Mirage for myself...when I get a bit more cash.

Sorry I can't help with the steel.
I was hoping to hear more about it myself.

Hope this helps...

Hey Doug. I posted some pics of mine here:

I picked it up at www.knifeworks.com for $ 56.23+shipping. What I didn't realize was how tiny it is, but if you're looking for a small, extremely lite, clean looking folder, the crkt mirage ti is for you. I haven't played around with it yet (ie. heavy cutting tasks, etc...) so I can't really comment on the steel, however, when I did get the knife it was quite dull. It really surprised me because i'm used to the razor-edge that my Spyderco knives come with, but with just a few strokes on my Sharpmaker it was sharp enough for my liking.

if you want better pics, just let me know!

andy vesik
-me and my dislocated brain.

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Mine came sharp. I used it on some strong fiber tape which dulls any steel I've tried so far. Sharpened right up on the Sharpmaker.

Now, I do have one caution. Make sure the one you get locks up tight and check it if you are doing any "heavy" work (kinda hard with a knife this size). I have spine whacked this blade (not something I normally do) and had it fail. BUT (notice the big but), it is by no means the norm for this knife.

It is a good gentleperson's knife. I prefer it without the clip.

For the price, it's in a class by itself.


Yes, but you got there first this time

R. Daneel Olivaw
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I have 2 knives with CRKT's ACUTO 440 (aka AUS 118) steel, a CF M16 and a Ti Mirage. The CF M16 was very sharp out of the box; I wasn't completely happy with the factory edge on the Ti Mirage, but like vesik, I cured that easily with a few strokes on a Sharpmaker. In my experience, ACUTO 440 sharpens fairly easily, takes an excellent edge, and holds it reasonably well -- cuts the tab on those 2 1/2 gallon plastic water bottles with no rolling or chipping (we won't mention which ATS-34 blades have failed that "test"), but needs re-sharpening after hard plastic wire ties (edge rolled).

I took the clip of my Ti Mirage, and it's now one of my favorite knives. Thin, light, locks up solid, and pretty good looking too.


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