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Review request: Gatco Tri-Seps sharpener

Sep 28, 2000
Just wondering if anyone had any comments about the Gatco tri-seps sharpener? It looks like it would be good for field use since it can sharpen serrations and has a built-in angle guide.
I have this one. It has medium grit (like SPYDERCO brown rods) and is pretty adequate to obtain decent working edge. If your knife is not blunted heavily or damaged you will be able to sharpen it with no contraindication.
With no contraindication doesn't mean easy in this case. Tri-Seps is pretty tricky to work with, especially for non-experienced user. The angle guide works very clumsy, in fact you have to sharpen free hand on a very short sharpening surface. This is an opposite side of diminutive size and ease to carry.

However you have a possibility to sharpen each kind of edge (plain, serrated, recurved) and additionally darts, fishhooks and another pointed tools.
Reassuming low cost and light weight I can say certainly - this is very size- and cost efficient field sharpener. If you are able to work with it - it will serve you decently.
The angle guide is a joke, but if you can sharpen freehand fairly well then it'll do the job. The triangular shape is good for recurves and serrations, and the grit is good for general purpose use.
Sergiusz and Roadrunner - thanks for your detailed replies. I guess I'll get one and try it out.
My apologies for the shameless sales pitch (just couldn't help myself). Spyderco is making half size "ProFiles" (4" long) in white & brown in a split leather case. Should be out very shortly (Dec). They are already in the 2001 catalog. They offer IMO more sharpening capability than the competition.

Thanks for this info. I'm definitely voting on ProFiles in comparison with Tri-Seps because they:
1. Have two grits
2. Allow to put them onto flat sturdy base and to work much more comfortably than with Tri-Seps which you should hold in your hand. I'm assuming that main work should be done on the flat surface anyway.

Thanks Sal! I've been waiting on Spyderco to do just that...but in the meantime I had to have something so I bought the full-size set...along with the Sharpmaker and the Double Stuff. Nice stuff.

Jeff Jenness
Thanks Sal for the information regarding the new Spyderco product. Sounds like exactly what I am looking for.