Review Request: Hand Ground Mini-SOCOM


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Oct 5, 1998
Anybody have one of these??? Can I get a review? A review on the standard Mini-SOCOM is fine too. Thanks in advance. -AR

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Hi Jackyl, I saw your post in the Microtech forum so I know that you have one o' these puppies on the way. You won't be disappointed! I have a Damascus version, which is essentially the same thing in that it also has a hand ground blade. I think the hollow hand grind is a lot nicer esthetically then the machine flat grind. It looks more substantial and the edge is razor sharp. The lock up is just about perfect and the blade is well centered in the handle, open and closed. I personally find the Mini SOCOM a bit small but most people seem to like the size for daily carry. I've heard that a few Minis are a little gritty in the pivot before they're broken in but a drop of oil and a few dozen cycles should clear this up. One of my Damascus Minis is smooth and one is rough but I attribute the roughness to the Damascus texture which wasn't sufficiently polished out of the tang. I also read that you are moving up from Benchmade. No comparison! Fit and finish, edge geometry, and esthetics of MT are far better.
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I just noticed that there's another Mini-SOCOM review from March 31st in this forum.

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