Review Request: Kershaw Talon 1420ST

May 24, 1999
as available in the BF store.

Has anyone gotten this knife? Responses?

I've got 40$ that's trying to burn a hole in my pocket...

Thanks much,
I got one Monday. I can't put it down. The action is so very smooth. It's a pretty hefty knife and feels good in my hand. It came very sharp right out of the box. It seems to be one of the sturdiest liner-locking folders I've seen. As I work in a lab as a chemist, it won't be seeing very much hard use, but, this is one knife that I'm sure could take it. It works great as an apple slicer. Gets some strange looks in the lunchroom. You can't go wrong for the 40 bucks they're asking. I think it was a steal. Just my opinion. I'm sure there are others who will back me up.

Daniel D.

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I have the 1416 and without a doubt the best buy out there. Even more so than my C16 which is the second best buy out there. Hell for stout liner lock that is very thick and stainless steel to boot. Shaving sharp out of the box, as sharp as my spyderco's, and I can't defeat the liner lock at all. Big and robust with totally excellant QC. Takes a very sharp edge that even has some bite to it when done. Keep'em sharp