review request: Spyderco g-10 Police


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Dec 25, 1998
I recently got a g-10 rookie from Smoky Mountain Knifeworks. The only reason I got one is because they are discontinued are they are selling them cheap ($39). I love this knife. It is my favorite 3 inch folder by far. The rookie now has me considering the g-10 Police. I have never really considered it before. Now maybe I will. I would like to get some impressions from my BF brothers.

Dennis Bible
misque posted this a few days ago in the spyderco forum:

Now go check out the G-10 model. It has all the great features that the SS Police has,(sans all steel handle) but with a grippier handle and a full height flat ground blade. It's a cutting monster.
Got the G-10 model after I decided I was having too hard a time gripping the SS model. I'll never look back. To me, it's Police model Perfection!! "

hope this helps.
How did you find out about the 39 dollar Rookie at SMKW? I have their catalog and they don't even have it listed.
Someone posted it on the Spyderco forum. They still have plenty left. Get some while you can.

Dennis Bible
I purchased a G-10 Police quite a while ago. If you like the Rookie in G-10, you will really like the Police G-10.

It is much lighter than the steel handled one and it opens quicker giving you a better purchase on the handle. I do not care much for the slippery handled stainless. The handle is narrower than I like, but the same size as the steel handle.

The police has a good sized blade and it locks up solid. I have the plain edge. The ATS-55 edge holds up well and has not chipped with hard use.

Overall, the G-10 Police is a good knife and I like it much better than the popular stainless handled one.


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Dennis, I was thinking along EXACTLY the same lines the other night. I really dig my G10 Rookie, and I was debating between getting the G10 Police or the Military. The main difference that I can see is that the Police has a mid lock and the Military is liner lock. I think the Police is more in line with what I'm after. And if it performs as well as the Rookie does, it'll be one heck of a knife! Question: is the Police also ATS-55 like the Rookie?
I've seen and handled two different versions of the G-10 Police. The older model had no steel liners, and the blade was shaped just like the standard SS-handled police, except instead of a hollow grind, it had a flat saber-grind, and I'm not sure if that was ATS-55 or Gin-1.

The new, full flat-ground G-10 police has a liner or liners, and more solid that the older G-10 version, and I think is ATS-55. Maybe someday I'll consider getting one, but right now I'm enjoying my SS-handled Police!