Review Request: SwissTool X or RS

Sep 20, 2000
I've heard of the new versions of the SwissTool, but I have yet to read any reviews of them. Just finding images of them on the Web seems difficult enough.
I played with a SwissTool X in a shop the other day, it looks/handles exactly like a "normal" SwissTool, except that it has the standard pattern Victorinox large scissors in place of the serrated blade (IMHO a much better arrangement). Closed, you can't tell the two apart. I haven't paid much attention to the RS model (the R is for "Rescue", don't recall what the "S" stands for), but it, too, has the serrated blade replaced with scissors, and also has the metal file replaced with a "seatbelt cutter", sort of a round-nose serrated hawksbill blade. Curiously, according to the specs, the standard and X models also have a "Strong Crate Opener" that the RS lacks -- perhaps the seatbelt cutter is thick enough that it had to replace two blades?

To see both, try the multi-tool page at is also interesting; they're actually in Switzerland and have access to all sorts of things that never make it over to the US (I bought a WorkChamp from them a while back). Their SwissTool page is here.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Carl Jacobsen:
the R is for "Rescue", don't recall what the "S" stands for

FYI, RS is for Rescue and Survival.