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Review Request: Wegner Mouse Knife

Feb 28, 2000
I was wondering whether or not anyone has had a chance to handle one of the new Mouse knives? It looks very similar to the Spyderco Navigator. I currently carry a Wegner Jr. in my jeans, but might be interested in a Mouse knife for carry in my Dockers. Anyone have any input?

I order a Mouse Knife from Bladetech 2 weeks ago. They informed me last Friday that they had not received there shipment yet but were expecting it this week. I am hopeing to have it by Friday. I will post a review when I get it. It is a Wegner design so I have high hopes.
I look forward to that review! Really little knives that are meant for bigger jobs usually end up looking awkward, but the Mouse is a cool-looking little knife.

I called Blade-Tech today, they said it will be another week before their shipment arrives.
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I have seen the mouse. I have held the mouse. The mouse is verifiable - repeat - the mouse is real.

Abraham - you don't have long to wait.

It is everything you think it is.

Because Tim is basically financing production, they will run out, then re-appear, then run out again, as Blade-Tech buys and sells production runs. You will not want them to be out of stock when you call - and you will call.

Call now.

This was not a plug, this was a review.

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I bought a mouse for a friend at the Blade Show from Victor of Blade-Tech Knives. The Spyderco rep told me that BT was the only one selling it at the time. It's one cute little folder. The blade is marked "Spyderco" and Wegner Design" on the left side and "VG-10" and "Japan" on the right. I like the fact that the pivot pin is secured with an allen bolt, not a regular peened pin. It's an ambidextrous design with a lockback and the clip transferable to either side. The action is a little gritty on the one I have and there's some blade play from side to side. Adjusting the tension on the pivot allen bolt corrected the blade play. The blade is very sharp! It's like a folding scalpel. I can't really tell without disassembling the knife if the pivot has washers or not. The small handle fits nicely in the hand. The butt end extends up to my ring finger. Pretty solid little package costing $89.95 at the show. Here are some pics:





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Brian, I was just wondering whether or not the Mouse you held displayed some of the same traits as Greg's Mouse (gritty action and side-to-side play)? Based upon my past experience with Spyderco Knives, these descriptions surprised me. I am very interested in this knife due to the fact that I really appreciate Tim Wegner's other designs, but I just haven't had a chance to handle a Mouse knife myself. Thanks.

If they'd make a Mouse with a G-10 handle, I'd get one for myself. I think all I really needed was to take the knife apart at the pivot point and clean it up a little bit to fix the gritty action.

Pyrwife wanted one of these for her collection. One of the first booths visited early on Friday. THe knife we got has a little gritty feel just before the lock engages. Other than that the knife is a "keeper". I really want to get a couple more of them to "put up" for later(got a couple of grandkids).

So far I really like it. Haven't cut anything other than an envelope. But it just feels "right" in the hand. Blade size and shape just about right for 95% of what a knife is used for. Looks like apples, other assorted fruit, and small to mid-sized animals had better run for cover.


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Nice knife! I have a Spyderco "Toad" I use as a money clip. This looks a little more useful. Does anyone know the web address for Bladetech?

Try https://www.blade-tech.com/

The Mouse knife would look interesting with a Meerkat style handle.
bttt. Anyone else have one that cares to comment?

Dennis Bible

Hi Dennis,

I got my Mouse early this summer. Wonderful little knife. It is in the watch pocket of my jeans right now. I think it is my favorite small knife. Lots of belly not much point. Typical Spyderco.

You need one to carry with your big Wegner.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MNH:
Hi Dennis,

You need one to carry with your big Wegner.


I knew you were going to say that. Looks like I will have to take the plunge. I will also have to get a mouse trap neck sheath with it.

Dennis Bible

It's a great knife for the airport! First knife that I have been totally confident to open up for the rentacops! The She-Rentas giggled and told me how cute it was!
I have a spyderco Navigator that I really like but its serrated. I've been thinking about getting a plain edge Navigator. But I've also been looking at the mouse. Anyone care to compare the two? I think Marion David Poff prefers the mouse but I don't think he really said why for sure.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I don't have a Navigator but I do have a Mouse. I recommend it whenever possible. If you search my posts in the Spyderco forum you'll find the reasons I love this knife. Get one!
My favorite small Spydercos!


The differences are: (Objective)

Handle :Mouse is Aluminum, Navigator is G-10 (New Navigators are Almite (sp?))
Blade Steel; Mouse is VG-10, Navigator is GIN-1
Blade thickness on my Mouse is .115", Navigator is .100"
Blade length; Mouse 1.911", Navigator 2.066"
OAL (open) Mouse 4.932", Navigator 5.274"
OAL (closed) Mouse 3.085 Navigator 3.277"
Thickness at handle not including clip; Mouse .364", Navigator .363"
Clip orientation: Mouse Tip Up, Navigator Tip Down
Clip placement: Mouse Ambidextrous, Navigator right hand only
Top of pocket (clip) to top of knife; Mouse .755", Navigator .045"


The Mouse is really a mini-skinner with lots of belly, and not much point. The blade shape like the other two Spyderco Wegners is a drop point, although to my eye the Spyder hump makes it look more like a trailing point. The Navigator has a much straighter edge, and a little, but not much more point. The Navigator seems to have a little more handle because of the choke-up position built into the handle-blade juncture.

I really like VG-10 for a blade steel, it takes a tremendous edge, and holds it well. GIN-1 is entirely serviceable, but it isn't VG-10. The belly on the Mouse however makes it more difficult for me to sharpen, where the relatively straight edge on the Navigator sharpens very naturally for me.

I don't have my scale set up, but the Mouse seems about half again as heavy as the Navigator, which adds to the robust feeling of the knife in my hand. I have never abused either knife, but the Mouse looks and feels like it would absorb a lot more hard use than the Navigator. This is not to say that the Navigator is overly delicate, just that the Mouse is extremely tough.

I had rather hoped to field dress a deer with the Mouse , however the "Red Gods" did not smile on me this year. The Mouse should be about perfect for the job, certainly it is no more knife than you would need, but I don't see it as any less than you would need either.

Either knife slips into the watch pocket of a pair of jeans, or would be equally at home in a suit and tie. either knife would make an excellent second carry knife to use around people that are apt to be put off to one extent or another by a full size Wegner, an LCC, or a Benchmade 710.

Thanks for the great comparison. One more question. How does the mouse compare to the navigator when you are holding the blade with the edge up?


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

I will try to explain my preference. In no particular order....

Ambi clip, I like this feature, may never use it, but I like it, makes me feel good.

Heftier, I am not for really heavy or beefy pocket knives, but the Mouse feels more substantial than my navigator did.

The greater mass makes for a better drop open.

Ergo, I did not care for the quasi-finger grooves of the Navigator, the Mouse is very rounded and allows for a number of comfortable grips, including very comfortable edge-up.

I do not like the Spyderco choke-up positions, like the Navigator, Military and Calypsos all have, they never felt really good either forward or back.

The Mouse has a true three-finger grip, only three fingers, and with the rounded butt, it does not interfere with your pinky.

Does that help?

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA mdpoff@hotmail.com

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