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Cliff - nice review. I've had one of these SwissCards for a while, and found it to be the ticket for travelling especially aboard airplanes. Just got to be sure to take your wallet out and put it in the bowl at the security check (as well as retrieving it afterwards
), if not all the metal contained in the card will set off the walk through detector. Also, I've found out that the scissors make a good makeshift fingernail trimmer as well.

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I also bought a Swiss Card and like it a lot. I keep it in my wallet so I never leave home without it. Keyring is another good place to carry the necessary stuff (but there is a limit how much is practical in a keyring), but until now the wallet has been an underutilized resource.

BTW, I wonder when they find out something that can be carried connected to a watch? My Suunto Vector already has a compass, barometer and altimeter built in, but maybe there is something I don't know yet I need...

I just picked one up last month -- got a good deal on it in the duty free on the way back from Winnipeg -- and like it quite a lot.

But it could easily have been made better at no cost by, say, having the other side ruled in metric, as well.

I disagree with you about the scissors, btw, Cliff -- I find them more useful than the usual SAK scissors, if only because they're detachable. Mileage, as they say, varies.

joelr, my finger does not fit well in the hole so I can't grip it well. I can use the sissors on the regular SAK much easier.

joelr, my SwissCard has a metric ruler in one side (front) and inches in the other side (back). Maybe the models sold in Europe and America are different, or they have switched to a double sided ruler.

This is definitely a great little item for those working in an office environment. I say office because it doesn't look durable enough to be in a wallet while you're running around or picking up heavy things. I use the knife to open mail and pen came in really handy on a number of occasions. And the toothpick. God knows how many times I've had a chunk of food stuck in between my teeth and ... whoops didn't mean to gross you guys out but you get the picture, it's indispensible. Mine also came with metric on the top side and imperial on the back. I'm wondering if this was because I got it in Canada and American ones are backwards with imperial on the top? Anyone care to take a look and quickly respond? But a couple of improvements I would suggest. The first being the pen. It's great if you've got nothing else and are not willing to prick your finger to get some "ink" but the pen is definitely too small. I have normal sized hands and still find the pen incredibly hard to use. Maybe Victorinox could develop a
telescopic pen? And an after market pencil would be a great idea also. Next, they give you a pen but no paper. Not so much no paper but nowhere to put the paper. Maybe a thin slot along the back side to fit a business card or two? I've been using post-it notes which are roughly the same size as the card and pasting a couple to the back side. Works pretty well. And finally, a mirror would be a great addition. You've got the scissors, you've got the tweezers, now let's get the manicure under way.
I think there might be a reflective tape that you can buy to stick to the back side of the Swisscard to simulate a mirror. Of course this product may have been in a dream also. Can't quite remember.
If I ever find some reflective tape, I'm making my makeshift mirror for sure. But despite these little quirks, still a great gadget for the office.


I have sold a number of these and use one on my wallet, too. Besides everything mentioned on this thread, it helps keeping your credit cards from breaking when you use your wallet in your back pocket.
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Ivan Campos
I bought one but haven't gotten to really look at it, as it now lives in my wife's wallet.I guess I'll have to buy another before I get to play with one.

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As an update this broke recently while in my jacket pocket. The corner which opens to allow removal of the sissors snapped off :

The low durability is something I was concerned with because of the plastic construction and as I expected it is not built to handle any amount of strain. The small blade is far more delicate than the pen knife on a similar sized SAK for example and you have to be careful even opening packages tied with heavy string.

However from carrying it for quite awhile it has a number of major advantages over a small SAK. It does not "print" as a knife and can be carried much easier in your pocket, wallet etc. . The pen is also very handy for striking up a conversation that can lead into general blade issues without the "rambo" tag that many knives that create. It doesn't seem to me to be a replacement to a SAK or conventional small multitool (Micra), but it may be of interest for issues of ease of carry and tool selection, especially the pen.

Good reveiw. You addressed my concerns about the Swisscard, and put them to rest. The durability was/is a concern. But, since it probably won't see daily carry, I'll add it to the long "to buy" list.
Thanks for the reveiw.