Recommendation? rhino and eagle

Feb 21, 2019
my father had these two in his safe as well as a backwards logo Emerson. I read about them a bit online and people keep telling me to sell them. What do you think?
Can you post some pictures of these? I'm assuming by eagle you are referring to a CQC-9, and a Rhino, well that needs no introduction.

I'd happily offer to take them all off your hands... but you may want to hold on to them, say, forever, due to how rare they are.
Holy Sh1t! You were not kidding. Those are rare like unicorn tears.

If you need to buy yourself a car then go ahead and sell them, but I'd rather have those and take the bus. They are irreplaceable so you will likely never be able to buy one back if you have sellers remorse. And don't let anyone hustle you with a low value. I'd keep them and pass them down to my kids. They will only go up in value over time.

There are some good sites if you want to research pricing. and come to mind.

What a score. Wow :cool:
Personally I would keep them. But if you decide to part with them, they should sell well. Check out this video regarding the rhino (explains why I would keep it).

Yeah, I'd hang onto them (choice 1 since they belonged to your father) or get in touch with a serious collector who will pay properly for them. DO NOT go through a secondary custom site, since they will take a fat chunk and generally they are vultures.

If you were going to sell, I would suggest listing here or that other place, after doing some research on what you might expect to get for them.

What kind of is the other bittersweet part is they are incredibly rare which makes them cool to own, but completely impractical (at least to me) for carrying.
I can't give you specifics on prices because that's against forum rules, but all I'll say is that both of those would sell into the four digits...EACH. Don't let anyone try to snow you. Those are rarer, they're just really ultra rare.

Personally, I would keep them.
Backwards logo zero grind commander? That's pretty unique too. Thanks for sharing these gems!