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Rigid RG-80, Wegner Jr's chubby little cousin

Oct 20, 1998
I recieved this liner-lock folder from Discount Knives in less than 5 days, which is rather quick, considering I am residing in Sweden. It cost me $42.25 and $5 in shipping. I recall hearing some snarling about discount knives' service but that seems to be history now

Mr Brian Skelton has provided the best possible customer service including quick responses to my e-mail.

As I understand it, United haven't impressed many forum members with their mostly low-ranged cheap products. But I have found one fine exception in one of thier brands, and the knife I am talking about is Rigid's model RG-80.
This odd-looking knife in Ats-34 with G-10 scales and a single steel liner is small, only 2 1/4" blade and 5 1/8" total length but it's G-10 handle feels great in my quite large hands.
The pocket clip is somehow a bit misplaced as it is placed too far from the pivot pin, making a whole third of the handle protruding when clipped to your pocket. But this is a compromise in the construction as the low placement of the clip gives the handle some more volume right where it is needed, thus aiding in giving a relatively good grip on such a short handle.
The RG-80 feels very heavy and it looks kind of stubby. It is overall solidly built and the whole package is tight and it locks up like a bank vault. There is absolutely no blade play at all. In fact, when it is in the open position, it looks as the blade, the liner and the G-10 handle are soldered together as one piece.
The blade is some kind of spearpoint/wharncliffe variation and it is just below 1" wide. It has a rectangular opening hole, imagine a flatted out Spyderco hole. Because of its small size it is not very easy to open quickly as you have to move your thumb in a uncomfortable way, but that is the only negative thing I have to say about it.

The inscription on the blade says "made in japan" and as it looks very similar to Spyderco Wegner in construction and materials I guess they are made in the same factory. Mr Mattis is speculating in the same conclusion on his website, where you can also find a picture of this Chubby Compact Cutter:


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