Ripped off in MN

see below...thanks darrel

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What are you talking about? What did you get ripped off for? What you wrote is very misleading and not clear. What were the circumstances of your problem? Explain please.

Is this about Marco Elizondo on the knifeforum?
Darrel Ralph / Bladesmith
Take a look!!!!

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sorry about the confusing post i'm not at my sharpest in the am. marco sold me a knife via the forum and failed to send it. this according to forum members is marco's standard operating procedure for the past 2 or 3 months, selling or trading and not following thru. i just thought this would be the best way to have others avoid these problems. thanks
This apparently is Marco's standard procedure, as I have recently been contacted by a few other people who have experienced the same things.

Mike and I will be discussing a possible solution to this later this evening...


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I sent Marco a knife on a trade in good faith. I had never been ripped off by a member of knifeforums or bladeforums before.

It has been 3 weeks and I still do not have the EDI Genisis he was suppossed to send me. He has also stopped anwering my emails. I sent him and email Monday stating that I would be contacting friends who are federal agents to try to prosecute him if I don't have the knife by Friday afternoon. No response. I guess I will be heading to the federal building and the postal inspectors office Monday morning.

BTW- I don't hold anybody responsible for this except Marco and to some degree myself for letting my guard down. I am very appreciative of this site and all the good people I have bought, sold and traded with from here. We are all big boys and girls and have to face up to the unfair cold cruel world sooner or later.

i have mailed all (3) knives this morning. i apologize to all concerned. the knives were mailed priority, so they should be there saturday, monday at the latest. i will no longer trade/sell on these or any other forums. my most humble apologies to everyone here, for sending the knives so late.