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rosvall's knife now in steel


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Oct 19, 1999
For those who tuned in to last week's episode of Elvis' heartbreak hotel knew that I spoke highly of Mr. Rosvall's greta creations and am eagerly awaiting for more.. (they can be reviewwed in the past links)



I just received a new goody in the mail from Mr. Rosvall per my requests and encouragement he has finally made a beauty out of steel...


OAL length is 6.5" with handle material from the same coloured g10 he used to make his plastic hideout knives. At first I though the blade shape was rather unattractive but I really grew to like the tilted chisl ground wharncliffe shape and grew to respect how usefull the blade shape is with utility work.

Rosvall's artistic skills really refelects in the grinds on the blade as well as the excellent shaping of the handles. I have seen pics of the cusom handle work he has done on his neck knife collection (made by other makers) and was really impresed I was very happy to finally be able to toch one in person.. LIke the fit and finish of his g10 knives the handles are comfortable smooth and just amazing. (and I know how hard it is to do it sinc I have tred to do it and failed)

the grinds on his blade is also exceptional, he says he also hea treated this knife and I's stood up to my cutting tests.. crardboard, chicken evil telephone bills and still keeps on cutting.

the design of the hump on the back of the blade is well executed too - in saber grip the knife is damncomfortable. you migt not notice but the filework extends beyond the thumbramp and well forward on the blade spine.. one can extend thier thumb or lay their indexfinger on the filework choke up on the grip and do delicate work there... the amazing thig is my hand NATURALLY did this witout me putting conscious thought into it.

I love this knife a lot.. just wished it wasn't a wussy yellow colour I'm yellow enough as it is

Great knife and an honor to test it.

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He DID IT!! HE DID IT !!!!!


A new knifemaker is BORN!!!

Congratulations Richard!!!!


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Thanks for the kind words and the great review, SB. I finally tried this, mainly because of Sniperboy's and Neil's encouragement, and I also hold them fully responsible for this becoming a new obsession!
And I can take a hint- your next one will have a handle you can scrimshaw on!!!

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