RR: A.G. Russell ATS-34 Lockbacks

Aug 31, 1999
Anyone have anything to say, good or bad, about A.G. Russell's "production" ATS-34 lockbacks? Specifically the model A334, model AG510 mini-lockback and AG6 CF/G-10 lockbacks.

They look interesting and the idea of an ATS-34 lockback (vs mid-lock or liner lock) sounds appealing in a classical, back to basics sort of way, like the knife you can fall back on when you're bored with carrying high-tech tactical folders.


The Japanese factories that do AG's folders do excellent work. I have a large Russel/Horn folder that is a great pocket knife. The blade is really thin and it is basicly a pocket razor. Fit and function of the lock and pivot are excellent, as is the general finish of the knife. I also have a mini lockback, and the fit, function, and finish on that are equally good. These are great values for light use pocket knives. A big cut above what you would get from Case, or Shrade, or Buck in my opinion.

Enthusiastic thumbs up.