RR - Buck Intrepid - A worthy survival tool???

With all the talk about survival knives, I haven't heard anyone mention the Intrepid Series by Buck. Can anyone that has one comment? Has anyone put one through its paces? I really feel this is a unique design - but in this case, does it's uniqueness lend to it's functionality?
Apr 16, 1999

I probably own morevariations of U2 prototypes than anyone else. Some have gone operational with EOD divers in Guam and some I have used in training environments. Rob Cude (EOD diver) signed off on the design.
Kit Carson signed off on the Buck version.
I have used a small U2 for WW rescue classes
(rigging ropes,webbing,cutting wet rope and ABS). Setting up camp(splitting wood,digging firepits, cat holes etc.). I have used a Large U2 for the same chores plus jamming doors/windows in building entry training. The serrations are the best design on the market for cutting I have used. The only improvement I could reccommend is a better scabbard. This can be had from S&S Edgeguard Frank Sigmon. For the money and availability it is a lot of knife for the buck. If I did not have one of Kit's customs I would have one of Bucks chisel points. I plan to purchase two small versions for stepkids that Guide on the New River.The other reccommendation I can give is for the ODE Magna. That is the factory version of Kit's MD.4 as an inexpensive heavy duty folder.
Just use Marine tuff cloth on the knives and you will have notrouble with rust. If you plan on using them to cut food use bees wax.

I hope this helps.



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I love my new Intrepid 1 tanto. I've been looking for a tactical/utility knife that wasn't going to cost me my first born and I finally found it.I am not finished testing it but it cuts great out of the box and it
has all the features of knives costing 2-3 times more.