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RR Crawford Kasper Folder


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
Would anyone care to give me a review of the Crawford Kasper folder?


I am sure Axel is going to jump in.
He has more than one.

I like mine alot. It's got a 5/32" thick blade just under 4". The blade geometry is a clip but with a bit of an upcurve like a Persian. beveled on top and hollowgrind on the edge. The depth of the blade, from spine to edge, starts of at a whopping 1.25" near the handle Combined with a handle of micarta sandwiching Ti liners that is .5" wide and mostly over 1" deep, the KFF is a beefy folder. The handle is as sure in the grip as it looks in pictures. The liner lock is thick, completely recessed and has file work that is attractive but doesn't really serve any purpose for me. This linerlock is well designed as I have seen with leaf sitting just fully on the left hand side of the tang. The lock has not moved over in the year since I have had this. It failed the spine whack test once and never since.

Crawford grinds an edge as sharp and as beautiful as I have ever seen. The blade cuts and stabs extremely well for me. The weight actually helps in slashing through things. You will notice the weight though in your pocket and the knife prints more, as you can imagine.

As much as I have drifted away from linerlocks and have ordered a Crawford Carnivour, I love the KFF and will keep this as part of my permenant using collection.

I couldn't add much to that. I love the ones I have. My favorite is the titanium handled version. It has a thinner profile and makes carry much easier. The grip is extremely secure and extremely comfortable. Designed for tip down carry and using Bob Kasper's method of drawing the knife, it is very fast out of the pocket and into the hand with the blade open. It is currentlt my favorite knife and probably will be for quite a while.