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RR GT auto tanto


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I am seriously considering a purchase of GT's new tanto bladed automatic. I would be carrying it on duty as a police officer. Does anyone have any experience with these knives?
I don't own a GT, but I have played with a few that Edgy-Tools.com had at a Gun & Knife show a month or so back. To tell the truth its the first auto knife I've really wanted. Phil(at Edgy-tools.com) had four GT's and I didn't know which ones where auto's and which where manual. They are an extremly well made knife. The button is easy to get to, and it has enough resistance to keep from firing in your pocket. The clip is aluminum like the body and is reversable for tip up or tip down carry. The knife body is shaped different but when you grip it you feel how it fits your hand just right(at least it fit my hand). My only complaint is the placement of the clip. It would ride too high in my pocket. I prefer a low profile clip. Other then that its a great knife. Maybe someday when I have the cash I'll get one.
Again, I will endorse the GT auto..especially after talking with JM(GT sales marketer). It's a great knife and not too pricy. I have a full serrated ti blade tanto...the plain blade is probably more practical. In my opinion you can't go wrong for the price. And GT fully backsup their product...they want you to send it back if you're not happy with it's performance! Give em a try!


it's no news to most that i like the GT products....

for the money they are very hard to beat,
some people have a problem with the way they look, but to those few that judge a knife by the way it looks i say pick it up feel it in your hand place it in your pocket and THEN tell me you still dont like(except for you John F.)
greg and todd are great people and also that guy with the funny accent JM.

i had a customer drop a new clip point auto out of the box on to a concret floor HIS FAULT( and mark it up a little) he called JM and was told to send it back
he then got a new knife in return
how many manufacters(sp) will do that!!!

i have one of their first tanto auto's (got it from todd at a Houston show last year)
and i love it

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.