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rr Kershaw Ken Onion


Oct 3, 1998
Since this is the knife that someone will win, can anyone give us a preview of it?
good idea! id like to see a preview also,,i wish i could make a drooling smiley face!!
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I've just got my Kershaw Onion arrived.

First of all, the mechanism is very interesting. Just as the ads said, after you open a few mm with the themb stud, the blade just jumps out.....with authority.

On the first few openings, the liner lock didn't lock up properly, but the lock breaks in within 10 openings and it pass the whack the back of blade test easily... or the test actually improved the lock.

The blade is a Wharnchiffe ( I am not sure of the spelling). Very sharp out of the box. And stil shave my arm after half day of abuse with various kinds of rope. It is my first sheep-foot shape blade and it is very interesting that the kind of blade style is very effective in cutting ropes.

The scales is very well polished black micarta. and to my surprise, it is not slippery. But I haven't try it with wet hands

Another thing to mention is that the opening of the blade need some practice to get used to. It is very easy for your thumb to actually interfered with the opening of the blade and hence affects the lock up.
But the thumb stud has a special slope on it to make the opening easier.

All in all, overall quality is very good, very detail. With the interesting mechanism, it is well worth the money I think.

Do we need such a cam assisted opening? Probably we don't need that as it needs extra " GETTING USED TO" time and I can open my other one hand folder just as fast.

But that's very interesting......just very interesting...

Joe Leung
I'm pretty wild about these knives. I don't generally carry an auto, but when I stopped carrying my BM3500 (first the safety broke and then the spring) it took some getting used to not having it-even tho it is just as fast with a manual- it takes more effort.
The Onion (small model only so far) is a compact package when folded and has a good feel to it- not plasticy or even too slick, and the shape when folded is small and fairly flat.The blade is a decent size, tho, and should do most chores- at least that I use one for. I'm not a fan of flat edge blades -particularly, even tantos- because I notice you tend to use one section of the blade ALL the time, but I am going to carry onje of these for a while.
The action is lightning fast- faster than most any auto. They are just cool and feel very precision crafted. I just hope they don't spur up legislation.
Howard Korn
My experience with the Mini Task has not been great so far. The mechanism really is slick, but after playing with it for a couple of days I noticed the liner lock no longer engaged solidly, and the blade had developed a considerable degree of wiggle. I thought I'd see if simply tightening the pivot screw would have a positive effect, but it was stripped! I sent it back to Kershaw last week; I'm anxious to see how it comes back.

Oh, and the handles aren't Micarta- they're polished G10. Very nice.
Does it have a stud on both sides or if not is it reversable for left handers please?
No, thee thumb stud is on one side and there is no access from the other. Maybe you can grip it with something and and screw it-there is the space on the other side-it clears the handle. There is a little play in my blade as well -but this is not a big deal to me.
I just got mine yesterday a combo edge and am very happy with it
fit and finish is excellent overall and will be my everyday carry knife.
I just had the second person in 2 days cut themselves as soon as they tried to open this knife for the first time. Be Careful!
WOW! I love this knife! Just played with one and it is WAY COOL DUDES! Can't beleive it is legal but what the hey I am shipping them!

All the above is true and no bad words here. If fact the G-10 looks like Micarta! In fact I think someone screwed up so need to call Kershaw. All the info says G-10 but man I really think this is Micarta!.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Nope Mikey,
Thats POLISHED G-10, and I for one find it way cool also.

Will Fennell
EDI Knives
You got any plans for it? Maybe a special run of Genesis with Smooooooooooth Handles?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
I just got my first shipment of a handfull of Mini Tasks. I like the way it opens for its coolness, though I'm not sure that it's really a practical improvement over pushing a thumb stud or thumb hole all the way out. Even more, I like the way that torsion bar thingamajig keeps the blade closed more positively than a ball bearing detant can manage.

The person I talked to at Kershaw says that somewhere in the early production they changed the design so that the rear corner of the blade is more thumb-friendly. They used to be sharp all the way back. Something about their general manager cutting himself.

My only nit is that the polished G10, which is otherwise a nifty new look, should be rough under the pocket clip, for more secure carrying.

Now all I have to do is scan the thing and put it up on my web page.

- James Mattis