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RR Mad Dog Frequent Flyer

Jan 14, 1999
Anyone have experience with one of these? I have a real need for an undetectable blade, and don't wanna shell out for the "Government Operatives Only" Mirage.

any expereinces will be appreciated.

I own one of the older "Large" FF. It came in a tight and snug kydex sheath that has the profile of a check book. No chance of it dropping out of the sheath, as the kydex has a positive lock on the finger guard. But because of the way it is constructed, a quick tug on the part of the handle that protrudes, puts the blade nicely in the hand. I guess that's pretty similar to most well constructed kydex sheaths.

The FF comes across as very "plasticky". The knife is one solid piece of composite that has been profiled in to a slightly drop-point blade. The heft and feel is about the same as my Spyderco Delica. Which is quite amazing for a knife that has an overall length of 8". It just weighs a couple of ounces.

I followed the sharpening instructions adviced by Kevin (use very fine diamonds or sandpaper of about 12,000 grit) and managed to get what I felt was a nice sharp edge on it. The edge grinds down quite easily and quickly, so you have to be careful not over do it. (Like sanding down acrylic plastic) However, when I gave it the paper slicing test, it didn't perform very well. The cut edges of the paper were similar to the sort of edge you get when you open an envelope with a letter opener, ie a bit rough.

In an idle moment, I also tested the edge by pushing it against one of those plastic knives from MacDonalds, edge to edge. To my surprise, the edge on the FF gave way till just past the primary bevel. The MacDonalds knife had an indent that was just slightly deeper. Fortunately it wasn't too difficult to resharpen the edge.

Next, I tried stabbing a piece of wood. I think this is where the blade really shines. The knife was of sufficient thickness to remain totally stiff. It did not bend or flex. However, it penetrated only about 1cm in to the wood (taken from a wooden pallet) and the tip became slightly blunt. But it penetrated to almost the same depth on subsequent stabs without becoming more blunt and without requiring more force.

In my opinion, the FF is really a last ditch weapon to be used for stabbing attacks rather than slicing. It is NOT to be used as a general utility blade, or you'll soon grind it down to a stick.

If you are looking for an undetectable blade, you might also want to look in to the titanium stuff. I have no experience with those blades yet. But to point you in the right direction, here are some names.
Boker Orion (Ti)
Boker Infinity (Ceramic)
Mission Knives (Ti, but very expensive)
Newt Livesay Titanium Tiger (Ti neck knife)

Hope all this helps.
BTW, I also own a MD Mirage EOD. For the performance of the blade, I think it's pretty good and the edge is far more durable than the FF (of course), but just bordering on the point of not being worth all the money.
What Brian said ... ;-)

Ti may escape a magnetometer, but it will
not escape other commonly used detectors.

If memory serves, Rick Schultz from Mission
and others discussed the various detector
"flavors" many years ago on rec.knives. It
may be archived.

I hope nobody tries to "beat the detector",
especially with a Ti knife. It may be a
short-lived exercise with significant legal
implications/consequences. The technology
is interesting, though.


I'm another who won't fork over the frogskins for a Mad Dog FF. I bought the Livesay NRG and I have never been happier. I have purchased several fiber and plastic knives over the years and NOTHING has compared. It is well worth the $22.00!
Hey, since we're on the topic of fiber knives, and since I'm w/ the4th about not spending the dead presidents on an FF, why don't we throw out all the fiber knives for an overall comparison? I really haven't heard much about the FF, mainly b/c the major complaint about it is its price tag. If anyone has decided to purchase both the NRG and the FF and run a comparison, I'd like to hear those results. Also, maybe take a look at the CS CAT Tanto, of which I've heard varying opinions. Finally, anyone have any of Szabo's non-mag knives?
I did a test of the CAT tanto about three months ago, it shold be in archives. Bottom Line, don't bother with it. NRG is way to go. Cheap, easy to get and disposable.

I must thank all of you to opening my eyes yet again. I've just been over to Newt's site and have seen the specs on the NRG. IMHO, you'd be better off with a NRG because:
a) The material used sounds about the same as the FF.
b) The claims and expected use of the weapon are about the same as for the FF.
c) It is so much cheaper than the FF that even I wouldn't mind ditching the knife if I really needed to.
d) For what it costs ($20), I could buy a few and have backups strapped all over the place.
Unlike my FF, from whose purchase my wallet is still recovering from.

I wish you guys had told me a little earlier
I could have saved a heap of money and be that much closer to being able to purchase another knife.
Hey Steelwolf, now that you mentioned it, why did you buy an FF? And how much was it, anyway? Worth it? And what exactly the difference b/t it and the NRG? Someone else in this thread mentioned that it wasn't fair to compare the FF to the NRG, and if that statement was based on comparative performance, materials, and price, then I'd like that validated.
Thrawn: Perhaps you misread my statements. I've only just learnt about the NRG. Haven't got round to getting one yet, so my observations are merely based on the info at Newt's site. I will probably try and get one in the near future and test it in comparison to the FF. Anybody want to donate more non-metallic knives for me to test?

BTW, just to let you know, the FF cost $190. With that sort of money, you could buy quite a few NRGs which would allow you the option of having backup knives. (And still leave you with a lot of beer money
The FF was never designed to be a replacement for a good steel knife. It *is* a last ditch fighter/emergency knife that WILL cut through seatbelts and cut flesh well enough for it to be a dependable tool for emergencies. The FF is hand formed and sharpened to a very workable edge. The material used is a proprietary glass/epoxy composite similar to G10, but has a higher compressive yield strength.

If you don't need to have a composite knife, don't buy the FF. There are better options if you don't need something for deep concealment. However, I feel that the ergonomics and performance of the FF's make it among the best composites around. Yes, you can buy plenty of cheaper composites for the price of one FF Micro ($115), but you can also buy 10 KaBars for the price of a MD ATAK or Busse Battle Mistress.


Oh yeah, looks like I did misread those statements. That doesn't mean you're not going to get an NRG, is it? Anyway, I didn't know that the FF can cut through seatbelts, that's pretty cool. But is that why it costs so much? That, and the fact that they're hand-formed?
Hello, I have a ff and a micro freq and just bought a NRG. I will admit that I am not currently inclined to do a full test. (due to the investment made) But I will that the finish of the FF series is nicer if that means anything to you with a plastic knife. I like the wrapped grip and feel of the NRG. The edges are about the same as far as basic cutability. But the one that I pick to wear is the NRG and that isn't because of my being affraid to carry the other due to the money since I have some steal knives that are more expensive I just like the NRG better and for that price I have bought some for my friends. Now we are all well armed.
While this is purely subjective, I find the FF to be ergonomically superior to the NRG. I suppose the handle could be cord wrapped by the user if he preferred...