RR: MDP Stiff KISS and Neck Peck

Apr 24, 1999
Okay, now I know the Stiff KISS isn't everyone's favorite knife and the Neck Peck probably isn't either. Since I wasn't impressed w/ the original Tanto version, I have avoided these knives but have recently heard some praise (I'll w/hold from who) about the MDP version, which, I belive posesses a LOT more of utility than the Tanto version. Anyway, I just want some comments on this version's edge geometry, grind, thinness, and what it'll be appropriate for in terms of usage. Also, if anyone's got exp., please chime in about the Neck Peck's performance/impressions, too. Thanks in advance.
Oh, gee-whiz here we again. I hope you haven't been talking to my mother. She's another person who doesn't want to admit she knows me
. There's only one thing I'm concerned about and that is tip strength. Maybe they shouldn't have "modified" the drop point so much.

EdRozen-the professional alter-ego specialist
Figured you'd home in on this one, Ed. I just wanted to protect our identity from all those KISS bashers out there, that's all. Besides that, it looks like a full flat grind--am I right by guessing this? How well does it cut and how does it hold an edge? Oh yeah, I also wanted to solicit the more/less biased opinions, too, just in case.
I haven't used and abused my MDP Stiff Kiss enough to give much of a review of it, but I can at least eyeball the geometry for ya. Looks to me like a flat grind, and not a hollow grind. The actual edge is a secondary bevel (I think) about one or two millimeters wide; I don't have any way to check the angle of it, though.

Take this with a grain of salt. I'm a newbie knife knut, and I don't know nuthin!
Well I don't have a stiff KISS although I like the MDP version. I only handled it once in a knife shop though so can't tell you much.
However, I do own a neck PECK and it never leaves my neck. It is a handy knife to have around at all time even though my knives are scattered throughout the house. The knife came sharp as can be and sharpens up that way to.
The only real problem I have other than size is edge retention. It just doesn't like being sharp more than a few uses. It does great for the price and if your budget limited like me it's a good investment.