RR: Newt Livesay Air Assault

Oct 16, 1998
Does anyone have one of these knives, or has anyone at least personally examined one? I have heard that the Woo, and the G45 which is the subject of a current post, are stout items of good quality for the money, but a little crude. The Air Assault looks great, but I am wondering 1) how does it handle, balance in the hand 2) how is the sheath 3) how does the grip feel in the hand 4) this being a more expensive knife than the Woo or NRG, is it cosmetically acceptable? Even grind lines, etc. ? Any and all information greatly appreciated. Thanks - FF
I have owned the AA and currently own another. Great knives as far as Livesay's go. Good even grinds and mine is razor sharp. Don't know how good for self defense it will be didn't buy it for that. Don't like the Kydex for it either. The knife is good though. Balance right behind the choil, the blade takes and holds an edge well too.
I think though there maybe better bargains out there for the money.
a picture of the AA

newt's site http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/index2.html

this is also available at http://www.closequarters.com/MainFrame.htm