Oct 20, 1998
Anyone have any thoughts about Newt Livsay's EXECUTIVE NRGS?

Any input would be appreciated.


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This is a topic near and dear to my heart.I have a lot of neck knives.Most of them are Newt's work and this is the one I carry most of the time.It has a good shape for utility and came with a great edge.It also has a great shape for self-defense.From side view the point is directly in line with the center of the handle.For me this makes the knife a very good "sticker".I tested this feature on a large beef roast and it worked nicely.The handle is thin and provides a good grip.You can see the grain in the micarta and it looks pretty cool.Sort of looks like a topographical map.The sheath fits very tight.I like the snap fit ,but it could easily be loosened with a heat gun.The kydex work is flawless,and I think overall the knife is a good example of a perfect neck knife.There are no gimmicks here.I have carried this knife almost daily for about eight months and it looks as good as new.For the $40 I paid for it I dont think I could have found a better knife.I hope this helps.

Try emailing Newt, he was very good at responding to my questions about his knives.