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RR: Stainless Spyderco Native

Aug 31, 1999
Anyone have any comments, good or bad, on Spyderco's Native with the stainless handle? How is the fit and finish and how does the AUS-10 blade stack up against the more popular high end steels?


Fit & finish are excellent, Jon. I haven't used mine extensively, but it has opened boxes, cut nylon rope, etc. w/o needing to be sharpened yet.

I had planned on pocket carry next to my wallet and removed the clip to give it a slimmer profile. I then found it a bit difficult to open w/o the clip in place so I had the handle checkered. (Initeria opening are easy but not always socially acceptable.) A search for "stainless native" on the Spyderco forum should turn up several comments from others as well as a link to a pic of my checkered piece.