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Ruger "All-Weather Knife" (Virtual Review)


Jan 31, 1999
I just got a new Ruger catalog, and it came with a flyer on their newest product. You guys won't mind if I give it a review just based on the brochure, will you ?

The handle looks at lot like Zytel, I'm sure it's not ABS. They're saying it's the same as their all-weather gunstocks, I guess this is supposed to make it any more weather impervious than the zillion other Zytel folders out there ? It has rubber handle inserts, which are probably nice & grippy, as long as they don't stick to the inside of your pocket. The handle itself has two finger choils and is probably ergonomic as heck, but the bumpy cutouts all along the top & bottom ridges make it uggghhhhly. (IMHO)

The botton lock is wierd. I guess it's like a Boker Top Lock, the ad copy says "allows for easy opening and locks the blade in both open & closed positions. This design facilitates opening the blade even while wearing gloves." huh ? How's that ? I don't think it's an auto, so I guess the implication is you hold the button down and flick out the blade (with gloves on ?). Sounds to me like a hole or a stud would be a much better option.

They also show a clip-side photo. Whoah ! The clip is mounted 1/4 - 1/3 of the way down the handle from the pivot, looking like you would have huge chunk of Zytel and blade sticking up out of your pocket. Not so cool.

Visually, the best part of the knife is the blade. It has some really nice engraving, ("Ruger All-Weather", and a pretty floral swirl) evocative of a nice shotgun receiver. That adds a bit of class to this ugly duckling. I can only guess that it is probably in keeping with Ruger's philosophy - not always pretty, but overbuilt, reliable, dependable.

My guess is that this will be marketed mostly to Ruger fans, gun enthusiasts who are not really knife enthusiasts, and maybe hunters who see it as a "hi-tech" replacement for their Buck 110. The retail price of $89.95 for a Plastic handle, 440 bladed folder is probably not geared for most of the folks on this board.

Now, if someone has a REAL, hands-ON review, I'd love to hear it !!
I got to play with one in a gunshop the other day. It is not an automatic but it does have the plunge lock like an auto. Your can push the button and flick it open. Like you, I can`t see why they did`nt put a thumb or hole in the blade to open it. I called ruger and was told that it was a 2 handed opener. It is made by paragon knives over in hendersonville, n. c. It had a very good grip and good ergonomics, but to me it wasn`t built up to ruger`s super tough image. It did have nice engraving on the blade though. Being a ruger fan I was a little dissapointed in it. Just my .02 worth. Roger
Roger, I have to agree with you. The Ruger people made a mistake when they allowed Paragon to build this knife! This knife is not up to Rugers standards. I have handled a couple of the automatic versions, and they are W E A K compared to other auto's at the same price. Unless you just like Ruger, I would advise anyone against this knife as a user. Just my opinion. BTW been bitten by the Microtech bug and nothing else seems as good.

Art Sigmon
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